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Chief Outsiders Signs New Clients, Rack Space and Rogers Moore Engineers, LLC.



AUSTIN, TX – September 22, 2009 –Chief Outsiders (, a company committed to outsourcing executive level Chief Marketing Officers, today announced the signing of its newest clients, Rackspace, the world’s leader in business email hosting and Rogers Moore Engineers, LLC, a structural engineering company.

While ranked number one in market share in the hosted email business, Rackspace Email & Apps division has identified a need to evaluate the division’s future direction. Chief Outsiders will assist management in defining and understanding the marketing department’s strengths and then oversee the implementation of a strategic growth plan. 

“Our partnership with Rackspace is extremely significant to Chief Outsiders," said Kirk Brand Coburn, co-founder of Chief Outsiders. "We are working with a highly respected and growing hosting company to assist in maximizing their strengths while creating and executing a sustainable plan to outgrow competition in a measurable way. Chief Outsiders is committed to driving real business results and a relationship with this caliber of company is an exciting challenge."

Rogers Moore Engineers, LLC began a relationship with Chief Outsiders in order to take a proactive role in determining how potential clients perceive their company and then design a program to drive regular interaction with their targeted clients. Chief Outsiders has become a part-time addition to the executive staff with a focus on articulating core customer needs and developing a marketing strategy to take the company to the next level.

"We have developed a relationship with Chief Outsiders to help us start actively marketing and positioning ourselves" said Matt Henderson, Vice President, Rogers Moore Engineers, LLC. “Chief Outsiders has a professional, business-minded approach. They are helping us understand how marketing can become part of our ongoing interaction with our clients."

About Chief Outsiders

Chief Outsiders believes that a company’s CEO is the #1 marketing executive. By outsourcing executive level CMOs, Chief Outsiders comes in as a marketing #2, an ongoing, part-time addition to the CEO’s staff to translate the company’s vision and value proposition into an insightful, actionable, and measurable plan that delivers results. Chief Outsiders lowers the risk of hiring a full-time, senior level CMO by offering a part-time outside executive, basing compensation on delivering measurable business results and holding ongoing reviews of client engagements with peer Chief Marketing Outsiders. A company driven by a culture, Chief Outsiders is backed by a strong system of core values. In order to serve clients the best way possible, Chief Outsiders is committed to hiring only the best CMOs who fit into the company’s vision.  For more information, please visit

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