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Chief Outsiders Growing with New Clients

More Part Time CMOs Placed in Growing Companies for Strategic and Operational Support

HOUSTON, TX:  August 10, 2010 – Chief Outsiders announced new assignments for two of its experienced Chief Marketing Outsiders (CMOs) as part time additions to the executive teams growing companies. "Our Chief Outsider CMOs are working with companies across a broad range of growth stages, business models, and industries. All have one thing in common; a need for strategic marketing guidance from the inside, without the overhead of a full time marketing executive," said Art Saxby, founder and principal. "They all value the business, industry and implementation experience that Chief Outsiders CMOs add when they become members of the CEOs team."

The company announced the following new engagements:

  • Repositioning to Lead Growth for Spring Medical Systems:  Houston-based Spring Medical Systems, Inc., a 13-year-old electronic medical records company wanted to accelerate growth. They selected Chief Outsiders to help increase revenue from their existing customer base and lead the development of positioning and communication to leverage federal stimulus dollars to aggressively grow new customer base. Chief Outsiders CMO Susan Morgan, backed by the Chief Outsiders team, is assisting their CEO with both near-term revenue generation tactics and longer term marketing strategy.
  • Launching Non-Profit One-Lamp Records– This unique business and marketing model puts music first and profits on the sidelines.  Their goal is to become the "Facebook" of music and the only place where anyone can post their music, share it and download it for free. Chief Outsiders was selected to help launch their non-profit label in an ultra-competitive industry that is dominated by billion-dollar giants. Chief Outsiders CMO Alan Varnson is working to create an on-line community of undiscovered artists via the One Lamp website where artists can gain access to resources and opportunities via the One Lamp "Path to Discovery."
  • Market Segmentation and Messaging for WellEZ:  This 10-year-old international service company provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) reporting tools for oilfield operations. With aggressive financial targets in place, they called on Chief Outsiders to develop a strategic marketing-driven approach to sales that focuses on proactive targeting versus reactive cold calling to enable growth. Chief Outsiders CMO Susan Morgan and Ricky Holloman are working with WellEz management to develop a growth strategy based on market segmentation and guiding the creation of a solid messaging platform.
  • Consumer and Channel Marketing for Consumer Products - The North American subsidiary of an international consumer products firm has chosen Chief Outsiders to help lead the company into new consumer and product segments. Chief Outsiders CMO Art Saxby, augments the client’s technical product expertise with consumer and channel expertise including market research, positioning and communication strategy.

About Chief Outsiders
Chief Outsiders, headquartered in Houston, TX, provides world-class chief marketing officers, not career consultants, who join the executive staff of growth and mid-size companies on a fractional basis.. With regional offices in Austin, Houston, and Atlanta, Chief Outsiders has become the source for marketing expertise, execution and leadership for operational and start-up companies such as Rackspace, BOWA Builders, Falcon Containers, Salient Systems, Internet Pawn, Premiere Global (PGi) and Spring Medical Systems. For more information, please visit


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