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B2B Marketing Expert Dawn Werry Signs On to Chief Outsiders’ Southeast Tribe



RICHMOND, VA – October 13, 2015 – Chief Outsiders, a growth-accelerating strategic marketing firm and one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing privately held companies, announces the appointment of repositioning and new business expert Dawn Werry to its Southeast Tribe. Werry, like the nearly 50 fractional executives on the roster at Chief Outsiders, specializes in helping mid-market B2B companies define, build and execute go-to-market strategies that drive revenue growth, nurture sales leads, and target the right customers.

Werry has more than 20 years of experience in driving market-oriented cultures and assisting major B2B companies in creating competitive advantage – skills hewn in the scientific, manufacturing, material and service industries. Her profile embodies the essence of what makes Chief Outsiders special – marketing experts, with substantial revenue-generating experience, ready and available to provide growth companies with the tools and resources needed to make a tangible impact in their marketplace.

“Werry is intuitive, measurably-effective, and results-driven -- the type of Chief Marketer that every large B2B company looks to when revenue results – and not simply marketing for marketing’s sake – is the primary objective,” said Tom McCrary, Managing Partner for Chief Outsiders’ Southeast Tribe. “Hiring a part-time, globally-experienced expert like Werry sends a signal that a company is ready to support a culture that is focused on driving tangible results and fortifying its future.”

Werry has been the marketing visionary behind several of the world’s most noted brands. She has served as Global Marketing Leader at DuPont; Vice President of Global Marketing at Brinks; and Vice President of Marketing at Milliken -- where Werry’s transformation of the internal culture and external brand earned the company recognition as an “innovation” leader.

A true customer advocate, Werry, employs a style in which market insight is the impetus for evolution. Such an approach, says Werry, helps business leaders truly understand their value and stay relevant within the ever-changing market. Werry’s C-level experiences also mean that companies, under her guidance, will employ strategies and tactics that efficiently deliver visibility and profits. 

About Chief Outsiders

Chief Outsiders, LLC, an "Executives-as-a-Service" firm, helps grow mid-sized companies from coast-to-coast with more than 40 part-time, or fractional, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) who have held positions of VP Marketing or higher at one or more operating companies. These individuals' breadth of experience makes it possible for Chief Outsiders to put the right skill set on a leadership team of any company for a fraction of the cost of a full time executive. Unlike other strategic marketing and management consulting firms, Chief Outsiders works with company leadership teams to develop and implement market based growth plans. Chief Outsiders believes delivering a world-class marketing strategy on its own creates little value and that the real value is created by helping the organization implement the growth vision.

Because of its market based growth plans, leadership and experienced team, Chief Outsiders was recently listed by Inc Magazine as one of the 1,000 fastest growing privately held companies in the US (in the top 25 in Houston) and recognized for the Houston Business Journal's Fast 100. Businesses seeking Chief Outsiders as a premier source include: ErgoGenesis, Five Stone Tax, Summa Technologies, and Riverside Company portfolio companies OnCourse Learning, YourMembership and IDoc, Source Capital portfolio companies such as Abutec, and Merrill Lynch Specialties Group portfolio companies such as EarthColor.

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