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Marketing Executive Susan Morgan Joins Spring Medical Systems

HOUSTON, TX – April 19, 2010 – Today, Spring Medical Systems announced the addition of Susan Morgan as Chief Marketer to drive marketing efforts of this leading electronic health records (EHR) software solutions company.

“With the advent of billions of dollars funded through ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) for direct incentives to physicians and hospitals, we believe that 2010 will include aggressive implementations of new health information technology to transform the healthcare industry,” said Jack Smyth, CEO and President. “We felt that the addition of Susan’s consistent success in areas such as product marketing and technology startups would aid our continuing growth. Throughout her entire career, she has shown the leadership and team building skills that are in line with our goal of accelerating our growth. Susan, with the additional support of her peer CMOs at Chief Outsiders, will no doubt be an incredible asset to our team.”

Spring Medical Systems will be introducing five new products in the next few months. Two of those products, SpringCharts Patient Portal and SpringCharts Practice Optimizer will add significant functionality to SpringCharts EHR. SpringCharts Patient Portal is a secure, online, easy­to­use tool that helps patients compile, manage and share medical records. It also allows the patient and the practice to communicate medical information, appointments and demographic updates in a secure environment. SpringCharts Practice Optimizer monitors practice quality metrics, non­compliance of prescribed care plans and facilitation of compliance with P4P, PQRI and other reporting programs. Both mitigate risk by using an audit trail of notifications and reminders to patients to encourage follow through and adherence to care plans.

Morgan comes to Spring Medical as part of Chief Outsiders, a company that outsources the Chief Marketing Officer role for growth and mid­size companies. Susan has previously held positions including Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Cap Gemini, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Paradigm where she has been responsible for $20+ million budgets, managing departments of over 100 and has been credited with consistently increasing sales and profits. Morgan has also been a managing member of six high­tech startups and has over 25 years experience in international marketing, product marketing, research, strategy, and sales. She received her BSEE from the University of Florida and an MBA from the University of Louisiana­Lafayette.

About Spring Medical Systems
Spring Medical Systems, Inc. was founded by a team of physicians and technology professionals with the primary goal of developing easy­to­use, integrated software solutions that empower physicians to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and provide better patient care. The Company’s flagship offering is the SpringCharts® family of products. These innovative electronic health records solutions combine the right mix of rich functionality, intuitive ease of use, and affordability needed to enable rapid and complete healthcare documentation with a minimum of cost and disruption. Now in its 10th year of development and in use by almost 1,000 physicians in a variety of medical specialties, SpringCharts products provide complete EHR solutions for independent medical offices. 

About Chief Outsiders
Chief Outsiders believes that a company’s CEO is the #1 marketing executive. By outsourcing executive level CMOs, Chief Outsiders comes in as a marketing #2, an ongoing, part-time addition to the CEO’s staff to translate the company’s vision and value proposition into an insightful, actionable, and measurable plan that delivers results. Chief Outsiders lowers the risk of hiring a full-time, senior level CMO by offering a part-time outside executive, basing compensation on delivering measurable business results and holding ongoing reviews of client engagements with peer Chief Marketing Outsiders. A company driven by a culture, Chief Outsiders is backed by a strong system of core values. In order to serve clients the best way possible, Chief Outsiders is committed to hiring only the best CMOs who fit into the company’s vision.

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