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Chief Outsiders to Collaborate With Doug Tatum and 4M Navigator Service


AUSTIN, TX – November 19, 2009 –Today, Chief Outsiders’ founders Kirk Brand Coburn and Art Saxby announced a new relationship with 4M Navigator, a company founded by Doug Tatum.

Chief Outsiders, the leader in outsourcing Chief Marketing Officers to growth and mid-sized companies, will collaborate with 4M Navigator™ to make the process of reviewing and measuring the performance of growing companies more efficient and effective. Chief Outsiders is the first and only marketing team using a tool developed for CPAs, CFOs, and CEO advisor organizations by one of the country’s leading experts on financial and strategic issues for growth and mid-size companies. Chief Outsiders will use the service as a co-branded, privately labeled, and seamless part of their consulting services.

While financial advisors typically use the 4M Navigator, Chief Outsiders, unlike most marketing firms, understands the importance of integrating unique marketing and financial insight to creating the most effective marketing strategy for their clients. When Chief Outsiders begins a relationship with a new client, they first review and analyze all essential dimensions of a company including the management team's alignment on strategy and vision, the company's most pressing priorities, the financial performance of the company benchmarked against competitors, and whether the client has the processes in place to deliver on a sustainable and financially scalable value proposition.

“We see Chief Outsiders as the next generation of outsourced marketing services,” said Doug Tatum, founder of 4M Navigator and Founding Partner and Chairman Emeritus of Tatum, LLC. “They are the first team I’ve seen as a CEO that gets using the field of marketing as a true business function. They bring a strategic business and financially focused approach to align all aspects of a company to drive profitability and success. We are excited to work with Chief Outsiders and believe their model, coupled with our tools, will drastically drive success of their clients.”

Tatum and 4M Navigator are a team of entrepreneurial “activists” who believe that entrepreneurs are the key to economic recovery and prosperity. Chief Outsiders also uses strategic marketing decisions to overcome financial obstacles in order to take mid-size companies to the next level. 4M Navigator’s mission is to move the needle of success for CEOs of emerging businesses. By providing a complete diagnosis of a business based on four critical categories: market, management, model, and money, 4M Navigator equips a company to move out of what Tatum refers to as “No Man’s Land” (also the title of Tatum’s best-selling book) and into a successfully scalable business.

“Our relationship with Doug Tatum and 4M Navigator has enabled us to offer our clients an efficient and comprehensive way to help a CEO and their executive team diagnose the health of their company,” said Kirk Brand Coburn, co-founder of Chief Outsiders. “Doug Tatum is an expert in entrepreneurial growth and his experience growing Tatum, LLC, the leading executive services firm in the US, has helped him build these tools. By committing to his business minded approach, we are proving further that Chief Outsiders is a team of serious business marketers striving to make a strategic and measurable difference for growth companies.”

About Chief Outsiders

Chief Outsiders outsources the Chief Marketing Officer role for growth and mid-size companies. They believe that a company’s CEO is the #1 marketing executive. By outsourcing executive level CMOs, Chief Outsiders comes in as a marketing #2, an ongoing, part-time addition to the CEO’s staff to translate the company’s vision and value proposition into an insightful, actionable, and measurable plan that delivers results. Chief Outsiders lowers the risk of hiring a full-time, senior level CMO by offering a part-time outside executive, basing compensation on delivering measurable business results and holding ongoing reviews of client engagements with peer Chief Marketing Outsiders. A company driven by a culture, Chief Outsiders is backed by a strong system of core values. In order to serve clients the best way possible, Chief Outsiders is committed to hiring only the best CMOs who fit into the company’s vision. For more information, please visit

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