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‘Chief Outsiders’ Fractional CMO Firm Expands to Atlanta with Focus on Mid-Sized Businesses

Atlanta, GA – May 31, 2011 – Marketing drives business growth, and today’s companies are looking to “fractional’ marketing officers as a cost-effective way to deliver increased profits. Chief Outsiders, a company that provides top-level Chief Marketing Officers to businesses on just such a fractional basis, expanded to Atlanta this month.  With a focus on helping mid-sized companies in Atlanta grow, the company has added three locally-based senior marketing executives.
Many mid-sized companies view marketing solely as a promotional function, while larger companies deploy a more strategic and holistic approach.  Senior level marketing execs can add great value:

  • When experienced CMOs from larger organizations engage with mid-sized companies, even on a fractional basis, greater growth opportunities are discovered through an evaluation of the business, its customers, pricing, distribution strategies and potential new markets.
  • New levels of accountability for marketing investments are established, providing for greater confidence and repeatability.
  • Taking responsibility for cross-company communications and strategy alignment is a powerful contribution that experienced marketing executives make in the companies they serve.

Chief Outsiders’ research (conducted Feb 2011) shows:

  • 74% of mid-sized CEOs see their growth as the #1 challenge
  • 49% of mid-sized companies don’t have separate sales and marketing executives on their staff.

As demand for part-time marketing executives continues to rise, Chief Outsiders has created a powerful national network of C-level marketers who are available for short and long-term assignments. The company will articulate the growth vision of the CEO into a go-to-market strategy by engaging a systematic methodology to enhance performance and identify/execute growth opportunities.

Why Engage A Fractional CMO?

  • Even with a recovering economy, companies are hesitant to invest in hiring full-time staff.
  • It’s often cost-prohibitive to hire C-level marketing executives to launch start-ups or bring new products to market.  Outsourcing these positions brings great expertise at a reduced cost.
  • Companies gain access to experienced executives with a proven track record of growing businesses.Part-time CMO’s are paid based on their business results.  
  • The company decides the term of the engagement and which CMO is the best fit for the company.
  • Each CMO is supported by the firm’s full network of senior level marketers and a peer review process.

The three Atlanta executives are Robert J. DonaldsonIan D. Oxman and William (Bill) L. Schermerhorn.  These senior marketing executives are business growth leaders in the areas of medical products, technology, analytical instrumentation, financial services and consumer products.

Atlanta’s reputation as a center for startup and growth companies made the expansion here a logical step.  The presence of many technology, healthcare and consumer product focused companies fits with the expertise Chief Outsiders can bring to bear.

"As Chief Outsiders CMOs, these senior marketing executives will join C-staffs of mid-sized companies to grow their businesses, overseeing their marketing, strategy, and implementation on a part-time basis,” said Chief Outsiders Principal and Founder Art Saxby. “We’re finding that CEOs are attracted to this model, especially in today’s jobless recovery, largely because our fees are tied directly to business results.” 

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Since its founding in July 2009, Chief Outsiders has grown to include regional operations in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta, New York and Jacksonville.  For more information, please visit

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