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Creating An “Authentic” Customer Relationship (Part 1): Three Macrotrends To Understand Right Now

Posted by Ian Arthur

There’s a “Holy Grail” that the best marketers rarely mention out loud, but represents the ultimate victory in the loyalty game – keeping a customer or guest until they pass on to the great beyond.

In reality, having a “customer for life” has become a concept that few can truly visualize anymore. The effect of protracted worldwide recessions, the arrival of finicky Baby Boomers and restless millennials on the scene, and the effectiveness of technology in leveling the marketplace, have threatened the existence of the concept – for those who are unwilling to make significant changes to match the cadence of today’s consumer.

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CEO Growth Talks – June 23, 2015

Posted by Janet Brey

Sales Strategies and Go-to-Market Strategies

The first in a series of four CEO Growth Talk workshops kicked off with a focus on go-to-market and sales strategies. The format was designed for interaction – a panel discussion followed by CEO table-top issue processing, readouts and open discussions.

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Your 2020 Vision Is Now A Five-Year Plan

Posted by Beth Somplatsky-Martori

For those who have been disciples of futurist Arthur C. Clarke, it’s quaint to look back at his prescient interviews of a half-century ago, and try to imagine how he could possibly pinpoint conventions like the internet, instant messaging and even the way we as a society would interact.

Even just two decades ago, the year 2020 still seemed a destination so distant, that it was difficult for many to bring into focus a realistic vision of what it could be. But author John Kotter, in his 1996 book, Leading Change, said, “The rate of change is not going to slow down anytime soon. If anything, competition in most industries will probably speed up even more in the next few decades."

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Did you test your landing page before you took off?

Posted by Stijn Hendrikse

If more than 50% of your new visitors land on your homepage, you might have a problem…

When people “walk in the door” of your website, what are you serving them? Have you thought about your first impression beyond the colors and design of your website?

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3 Ways to Justify a Chief Marketing Officer

Posted by Jon Rice


I frequently talk to chief executives about the value of a focused, well-reasoned strategic marketing plan. Invariably, during these discussions, I’m hit with the big question: “But how can we measure the ROI of our marketing efforts?”

It's THE question that makes many marketers shudder, because, let's face it, what they're really asking is "can you please justify your existence, your budget, and your future with this organization?"

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#1: CEO's Mini Guide to Going Digital

Posted by Pete Hayes

CEO-Mini-Guide-Going-DigitalIn this first part of a seven part series for CEOs to consider the essential trends of transforming business growth through modern marketing, we’ll explore the fundamentals of “going digital.” 

Scott Brinker, author of “A New Brand of Marketing: the 7 Mega-Trends of Modern Marketing…” asserts, marketing and technology have become deeply intertwined. His book (only 40 pages) can be downloaded from here, free.

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The Cost of Doing Nothing

Posted by Jon Rice

Talk is cheap. Excessive talk, however, is very, very expensive. Did you know that the average American corporate worker spends 31 hours per month in meetings – costing U.S. businesses $37 billion per year in salary squandered in the “bored” room?

Often, these Olympic gabfests result in a lot of hot air, without a real goal or plan of action in mind. It’s little wonder that 47% of those stuck in the glass cage complained that meetings were the No. 1 time-waster at the office.

But there’s a more real – and tangible – cost of inertia when you have identified a problem within your business environment that needs to be addressed. Lost productivity is nothing compared to the product that languished on the clearance rack, the sale you didn’t make, or the partnership opportunity that you missed.

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Taking Voice of the Customer to the Next Level

Posted by Janet Brey

Organizations are making significant investments to gain knowledge about their market and customers. Hiring social community managers, deploying social listening tools, and conducting market research are all methods used to tap into the voice of the customer (VoC). However, if the insights gleaned from the VoC data do not travel throughout the entire organization, the true value is not recognized.

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What Digital Marketers Can Learn From the Slow Food Movement

Posted by Stijn Hendrikse

The Need for an Organic Marketing Strategy

Pay-Per-Click (PPC), sponsored content, and paid links have become the McDonald’s of modern marketing. With these methods, marketers hope to get traffic and, with luck, conversions, as quickly as possible and with as little effort as possible. It’s as if digital marketing had a drive-through window.

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Is Marketing the New Sales? And what about PR & Customer Service?

Posted by Stijn Hendrikse

Four Roles Forever Changed By Today’s Customer Journey

If technology can be praised for its role in accelerating the sales funnel, it can also be blamed for the collateral damage it’s left behind in the corporate boardroom. Walls are being torn down, silos are being flipped, and the people surveying the changed landscape are discovering that their world has been changed forever.

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