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CRM and Marketing Automation Role in Day-to-Day Business

Business Intelligence

What's In It for Me?

How many times have we all heard the following questions about a new initiative – “What’s in it for me?” “Why do I have to change the way I am doing things?” “I am already successful, so why change what isn’t broken?”

Blogs for B2B Companies: Waste of Time or Missed Opportunity?

To Blog or Not To Blog

A very knowledgeable and opinionated executive colleague of mine complained that his marketing department was harassing him to write blogs. To put it in context, he works in a $15M B2B technology company that sells complex enterprise solutions to the VP/C-level suite. Though he readily acknowledged the value of online content, he couldn’t really see the point of posting haphazard snippets of information and opinion, no matter how insightful. So his question to me was, “Does anybody read those things anyway? There’s so much information out there. Isn’t writing blogs just a huge waste of time?”

80% of CEOs Have Lost Trust in Their Marketers

WarningThe following blog is Part II to my recent blog Over 70% of CMOs failed to deliver expected real ROI for their efforts in 2013 

The breadth of discontent among companies with their marketing begs a further look at the why? How have CMOs become less well regarded than say their IT peers, who have something in the neighborhood of a 50% success rating for their projects? Why is the role of the CMO oftentimes the most precarious in the c-suite? Why are 80% of CEOs unhappy with their marketing talent? The consensus seems to be skill level. While many marketers are strong in one or two or even more areas across the board, strength in both left and right brain functions is rare. And oftentimes, the lure of a good creative can be seductive to a CEO, but at the expense of solid business acumen, disappointment is a sure thing. Few marketers have the finance, technical or operations knowledge to effectively lead business modeling, strategy, and positioning as well as marketing functions such as operations and technology, so instead focus on the ‘softer’ or more tactical aspects of the role.

Making Marketing Accountable – Welcome to the New Strategic Reality

Business Strategy

6 actions CEO’s should take to win in 2014.

I read with interest the recent HBR blog article How CMOs Can Get CFO’s on Their Side with great interest. The authors contend that “marketing is in the midst of an ROI revolution,” something that I whole-heartedly agree with. The precision with which marketing activities can now be measured is unprecedented, which has several impacts on our businesses.

Customers Are Not All Equal

chart resized 600

Why it’s important to understand customer value, and what to do about it

Every Management Team knows the intricacies of their respective P&L, but can they honestly say they understand the value that each customer delivers to their franchise? More importantly, if they have gone through the hard work of developing a robust customer profitability analysis, have they taken the next step to implementing key business changes based upon the data?(

The Beatles CMO - Change Agent

The Beatles CMO

In 1997, Paul McCartney said, “If anyone was a Fifth Beatle, it was Brian.” In my own reflection, manager Brian Epstein could also be called The Beatles CMO. Discovering the band in November 1961 in Liverpool after their many years in Hamburg, Germany playing mainly American rock songs, wearing their jeans and leather, Brian practically turned a miracle with his vision for their potential. Even after being rejected by virtually every record label of the day, Epstein found a way, earned more than any manager of his day (up to 25% of earnings after expenses) and helped build a legacy that seems to be without end.

You’ve Changed How You Buy – Have You Changed How You Sell?

Downhill sales

Have you changed how you sell in the era of the informed customer? 

The Wall Street Journal reported that UPS struggled with last minute Christmas demand from Amazon, Kohl’s, Wal-Mart and other online sellers. It should be no surprise to businesses that there’s been a big shift in how consumers conduct their holiday shopping. Most of us are, by nature, are procrastinators. Given the chance to make a last-minute decision with guaranteed delivery and easy price comparison, why would we commit early?

70% of Marketers Fail to Deliver the Business Results CEOs Expected in 2013


I read a staggering statistic yesterday. According to the Fournaise Marketing Group’s 2013 Global Marketing Effectiveness Program, a multi-year survey of over 1200 CEOs and top Marketing decision makers worldwide, in 2013 over 70% of marketers failed to deliver the (real and P&L-quantifiable) business results their management expected them to deliver (more sales, more market share, more sales-ready prospects and/or more conversion).

Let’s Talk Growth

business growth

6 more questions CEOs should be asking now to fuel the strategic business growth discussion

I got some interesting responses to my recent blog “5 questions CEOs should ask” on Executive Street. The most interesting feedback was from a colleague who shared this quote from Edwards Deming:

“ It is not necessary to change.
Survival is not mandatory”

Most of the feedback was confirmation that as business leaders, we tend to spend our time focused on discussing the here and now, rather than considering if we have a business growth strategy to help define where we are headed. This feedback echoes with the Vistage question “Are you working on your business or in your business?”

Its not It’s when you get a chance

ABC Radio resized 600

Traditional Media Has It's Place

Now in our 5th year of operation, Chief Outsiders has relied heavily on its INBOUND marketing strategy to drive engagement with prospective CEOs and business owners. And yet for the past couple of years, our marketing strategy has explored various OUTBOUND tactics to complement our significant digital marketing investment. This week, we're trying something not-so-new -- radio advertising.

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