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Biotech Marketing ConsultantsThe global biotech market swelled past $1 trillion in 2021, which means that there are many biotech companies competing for market – and wallet - share. That’s why a  biotech marketing consultant could be the quickest path for companies seeking to earn – and grow – their slice of both. Marketing consulting firms like Chief Outsiders count several of its fractional chief marketing officers among its ranks with experience in life sciences. These experienced and knowledgeable CMOs can be engaged quickly for companies looking to find a qualified biotech marketing consultant, right now. Such experts tote experience with biotech companies that engage in all manners of sciences, including gene therapy, pharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence, and more. An experienced biotech marketing consultant can help companies with product launches, reputation management, healthcare brand awareness, case studies, and content marketing. They can also prepare you for the accurate and meaningful marketing that is relevant to medical practices and healthcare providers.


There are different varieties of Biotech Business Consultants; here are some sections on what each does:


Biotech Sales Consultant | Biotech Fractional CSO | Biotech Fractional VP of Sales


Biotech Sales ConsultantThe biotech sales consultant is a key player in the rapidly-evolving field of medical sales – providing expert guidance to biotech corporate leadership and sales reps alike. With a focus on driving revenue growth through effective business development and regional sales strategies, biotech sales consultants work closely with sales leadership to develop and implement strategies that maximize sales potential, improve customer retention, and foster a positive sales culture. A biotech sales consultant – sometimes in a temporary role as the fractional VP of biotech sales -- also has the ear of the company’s leadership. This allows them to influence overall business development strategy while helping to identify new opportunities in primary care and other relevant sectors. A fractional biotech CSO may also be called upon to assist in the hiring process and, post-hire, support career growth for sales professionals.


Biotech Business Consultant | Biotech Business Consultants

biotech business consultant

When looking for a seasoned chief marketing officer for your biotech business, your scope doesn’t need to stop at market awareness alone. Chief Marketing Officers – like those at Chief Outsiders – are true biotech business consultants, who will work directly with the CEO and the C-suite to help your company unlock its full potential, from product development to the hands of consumers. Whether it’s a big-picture assignment – like a full digital transformation of your marketing presence – or helping to manage your marketing resources, including in-house staff and agency relationships – a biotech business consultant is committed to taking you from pre-launch to profitability. A CMO with biotech consulting experience will be adept at leading firms focused on indication strategy, gene therapy, Alzheimer’s disease, bioenergy, and more. They can analyze and recommend the competitive landscape, plan and implement effective strategies, and engage in post-launch brand management activity.


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Chief Marketing Officer For Biotech Services

chief-marketing officer for biotech services

A chief marketing officer for biotech services is someone who speaks your language – armed with the experiences and insights of helping like-minded companies go from the early stages, through clinical trials, and into the marketplace. More than just a marketing leader, a biotech CMO can help you with your private equity strategies, financial modeling, business intelligence, digital transformation, regulatory affairs, and even pre- and post-merger strategies. Many biotech CMOs – like those who are part of the team at Chief Outsiders – can come in on a fractional basis and help you drive growth in a competitive marketplace. They know how to use marketing strategies to inform the customer experience, and also, in a B2B scenario, can help you create demand from healthcare practices and healthcare payers.


Fractional CMO For Biotech Services

fractional cmo for biotech services

A fractional CMO for biotech services comes prepared to be a trusted, C-level professional at your company. Despite their fractional engagement, they should be treated as your most senior marketing executive. A Chief Outsiders fractional CMO doesn’t just craft strategy or provide advice, they are thought leaders– veteran marketers who are uniquely equipped to be accountable to the C-suite, and are often tapped to oversee execution and deliver results from marketing initiatives.

They take a best practices, hands-on approach with your existing marketing resources to focus on sales pipeline development, go-to-market planning, and targeted content strategies. CMO responsibilities for biotech include marketing strategy, digital marketing, management of the customer journey, demand/lead generation, brand development, and the assurance that your company is meeting its marketing KPIs. They’re also focused on getting the most out of your marketing human capital. If your company is PE-owned, a fractional CMO is adept at financial modeling and valuation as well.


Biotech Strategy Consultant | Biotech Strategy Consultants

biotech strategy consultant

The fractional CMOs from Chief Outsiders, unlike the typical biotech strategy consultant, are hand-picked for their executive-level, go-to-market expertise as well as their ability to develop growth objectives alongside your leadership team. With unique insights into the life sciences marketplace, they come prepared to deliver specific expertise on a strategic focus level. Taking a holistic view of your business, our biotech strategy consultants work with your executive team and marketing staff and agencies to formulate marketing strategy, prioritize target markets, and shape the customer experience. They are adept at creating buyer personas, at interfacing with product development executives, and at understanding concepts as diverse as synthetic biology, personalized medicine, gene therapy, genome sequencing, gene editing, cancer therapy, vaccine development, artificial intelligence, and delivery technologies. And, with CMOs from more than 70 industries, Chief Outsiders will help you precision select the right professional for the job.


Biotech Marketing

biotech marketing

Biotech marketing is a nuanced field that requires a deep understanding of the various life science disciplines. That’s why a Chief Outsiders fractional CMO – battle tested and prepared to deal with the rigors of your specific marketplace – is a great choice when revenue growth and competitive positioning are essential. They know how to interpret the unique vocabulary of the biotech industry, interpreting it into salient marketing strategies including content marketing, digital marketing, customer journey and customer experience, and competitive positioning. A biotech marketing CMO can work with your team to understand the product development cycle (including clinical development), track products in the pipeline, and prepare for product launches. And, after the campaign, a biotech marketing expert can use big data and analytics to test, interpret, and improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and tactics.


Biotech Marketing Strategy

biotech marketing strategy

A solid biotech marketing strategy is the foundation for go-to-market success for any life sciences concern. At Chief Outsiders, we employ CMOs who are experienced at creating and implementing biotech marketing strategy. They are uniquely qualified to offer the kinds of contemporary global insights needed to reach your target audience and help your company regain its edge. By working with someone experienced in biotech marketing strategy, you can be assured of the right blend of experience, insights, and strategic thought to fully develop your marketing processes. Culled from some of the world’s best B2B and B2C companies, our corps of Fractional Chief Marketing Officers is experienced in embedding with your leadership team and understanding your business objectives with enough clarity to develop fresh and impactful marketing strategies that will power product launches, reach your target audience, focus your buyer personas, and ensure compliance in a stringent regulatory environment.


Biotech Marketing Mix

biotech marketing mix

A fractional CMO is well positioned to formulate your biotech marketing mix – using marketing mix modeling to develop the right blend of strategies and tactics for your business. A fractional CMO with biotech marketing experience can be utilized as the owner of your marketing function – someone who can serve as the most senior marketing executive in a business, without the need for you to bear a full-time cost. A fractional CMO reports directly to the CEO and spearheads activities like content marketing, communication strategy, competitive analyses, messaging for paid, earned, and owned media channels, marketing automation, and account-based marketing (ABM).

At Chief Outsiders, we vet our fractional CMOs and ensure that they embody a best-practices approach to strategic insight and flawless execution – ready to tackle the marketing objectives that matter most to your company. They have the wealth of biotech industry knowledge to help you reimagine how your business is branded, marketed, and perceived, along with the versatility to develop new programs and channels to communicate your brand promise and value proposition clearly to your audience.


Biotech Marketing Agency | Biotech Marketing Agencies

biotech marketing agencyA Biotech Marketing Agency comes with a broad range of services that can help you reach your target businesses or consumers. Ideally, you will want a chief marketing officer – your senior-most marketing executive – to ensure appropriate oversight of the agency’s activities, ensuring that they deliver against a well-defined and well-honed marketing strategy. With a fractional CMO – like those who are part of the team at Chief Outsiders – you can have peace of mind that your biotech products or services will reach the right target. Under the guidance of a battle-tested Chief Outsiders’ fractional CMO, your biotech marketing agency will execute tactics such as digital marketing, social media, content marketing, web design, SEO, inbound marketing, lead generation, brand awareness, case studies, and more. Your consolidated marketing resources can help develop pricing strategies, launch biotech products, and handle any and all aspects of life sciences marketing.


Biotech Marketing Consultant FAQs

Question: What should I expect from a biotech marketing consultant?

Answer: An experienced biotech marketing consultant can help companies drive revenue growth through targeted product launches, reputation management, healthcare brand awareness, case studies, and content marketing. They can also prepare you for the kind of accurate and meaningful marketing that is relevant to medical practices and healthcare providers.

Question: How much does a biotech marketing consultant cost?

Answer: Compensation for brand consultants varies, depending upon the skill and experience of the consultant. Typically, brand consultants collect a fee or retainer for a block of time dedicated to your company.

Question: What are the responsibilities of a biotech marketing consultant? 

Answer: A biotech marketing consultant takes a best practices, hands-on approach with your existing marketing resources to focus on sales pipeline development, go-to-market planning, and account-based management strategies. Their responsibilities for biotech include marketing strategy, digital marketing, management of the customer journey, demand/lead generation, brand development, and the assurance that your company is meeting its marketing KPIs. They report to your CEO and provide executive-level counsel to the C-suite.

Question: What is a biotech marketing consultant?

Answer: A biotech marketing consultant is able to develop go-to-market strategies with a keen ability to navigate the intense regulatory environment for life sciences companies. Accountable to the CEO, a biotech marketing consultant has the business acumen and experience to manage all aspects of your marketing stack – everything from full digital transformation to the management of your marketing resources, including in-house staff and agency relationships.

Question: How do I hire a biotech marketing consultant?

Answer: You can likely find biotech marketing consultants with a varied amount of experiences, or partner with a company like Chief Outsiders which has a corps of battle-tested fractional chief marketing officers with deep experience in the life sciences.

Question: What skills does a biotech marketing consultant need?

Answer: A biotech marketing consultant should be able to operate the marketing engine of your company, while understanding and navigating a marketplace that is influenced by regulatory pressures. They should be as comfortable with accountabilities to the C-suite as they are with managing agencies, staff, and other resources that comprise your marketing stack.

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