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3 KPIs to get your Content Marketing Under Control

Posted by Stijn Hendrikse

Is your Marketing Team able to provide you a good view of how your Content Marketing efforts are performing?


Are they able to explain to you what the ROI is of the blog articles they are writing?

Can they show you the impact of the interviews with you and other members of the Executive team to develop Thought Leadership content?

Unfortunately, these questions are not often answered in the affirmative. Looking at your Marketing Dashboards, “Random Acts of Marketing” are often visible as "Random Acts of Content". Although the abundance of data available to your marketing team is unprecedented, it’s also a sad fact that most content marketing is still of the “spray and pray” variety.

Why is this the case? Most content marketing efforts are done for different reasons, and thus need different ways of defining and measuring outcomes and progress. It's critical that the executive leadership team and the marketing team are aligned on this.

This webinar presents a way to think about content marketing as serving three core marketing priorities:

  1. Building Brand awareness
  2. Driving Audience Engagement
  3. Generating Demand

It will come as no surprise that these different objectives require different metrics and KPIs to measure the effect of your content marketing investments.

This webinar provides an overview of three different metric systems to measure the impact of content marketing along the three dimensions as mentioned before. They are called the "Wow Score" to measure impact on Brand Awareness, the "How Score" to track effective Audience Engagement and the "Now Score" to disclose the impact on the actual conversion funnel and the ability for your content marketing to generate leads.

Here is also a more detailed blog dedicated to this topic. And a link to sign-up for the tool, that helps your marketing team track these three Content Marketing performance KPIs. 

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Topics: Content Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer, Measuring Marketing

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