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Art Saxby is Founder and CEO of Chief Outsiders. Saxby specializes in manufacturing, commodity and branded products. Contact Art at 281.610.1481 or

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Are CFOs from Mars and CMOs from Venus?

Are CFOs from Mars and CMOs from Venus?

Mon, Mar 18, 2019 | Posted by Doug Rainbolt

How credible and accountable is your marketing team? Many companies struggle with a significant credibility gap between the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and their marketing counterparts. And it’s usually the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or VP of Marketing who is seen as the initiator of questionable commitments or requestor for budget with indefensible return-on-investment (ROI) assumptions. Marketing spends money, lots of it. But what is this spending actually buying the company? And who is accountable for the results and being proactive in presenting them?

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