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Art Saxby is Founder and CEO of Chief Outsiders. Saxby specializes in manufacturing, commodity and branded products. Contact Art at 281.610.1481 or

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Reeling In Recurring Revenue: Three Steps to Sustained Success

Reeling In Recurring Revenue: Three Steps to Sustained Success

Thu, Jul 18, 2019 | Posted by Jeff Greenberg

A fisherman, as a rule, has to work pretty hard to bring home the catch of the day—hours of grueling effort, in pitching seas, to struggle to reel in one tuna at a time. Imagine, however, a utopian upgrade to this model—simply navigating to the “hot spot,” and sitting back with a frosty beverage while the fish jump, willingly, into the boat.

If you run a recurring revenue stream business, you get to inhabit this magical place—a customer signs up, and they keep paying you, month over month. But, simply having a recurring revenue stream does equate to perpetual hockey stick revenue growth—and I played hockey! There are a number of things that can cause your recurring revenue model to “flounder,” affecting your revenue and margin growth.

In this blog series, we’ll look at the three issues facing recurring revenue businesses—churn, balancing acquisition and retention and creating a retention program.  It is my hope that, by the end of this series, you will secure your recurring revenue enterprise against the sharks that could bring it down—and that’s no “Big Fish” story! 

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