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Art Saxby is Founder and CEO of Chief Outsiders. Saxby specializes in manufacturing, commodity and branded products. Contact Art at 281.610.1481 or

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Part 3: How Does Employee Engagement Win the Growth Game?

Part 3: How Does Employee Engagement Win the Growth Game?

Thu, Feb 20, 2020 | Posted by Marc Umscheid

Assessing the Health of Your Culture

Co-Authored by Marc Umscheid, CMO, Chief Outsiders and Kristin Anderson, Partner, LeadQuest Consulting

In our first two blogs (Part one and Part two) on the subject of corporate culture, we have been making the case for the importance of a serious, top-down effort to ensure your company is united around a single vision -- and that your corporate culture is working for you, not against you. We’ve seen how such a CEO-led commitment can lead to riches beyond your wildest dreams (or, at least, measurably better performance), and we’ve heard directly from one CEO who grappled with the effects of a toxic culture before his personal involvement – and a committed effort -- restored balance across his organization.

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