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Chief Outsiders Announces Twice Monthly "Books We Love" Giveaway

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Chief Outsiders Book PickFive years from now, you're the same person except for the people you've met and the books you've read.”  

A lot has changed since John Wooden originally said this, but the sentiment behind it remains the same. He also said, “Be observing constantly. Stay open minded. Be eager to learn and improve” and the one that resonat

es the most for me, is “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”  

It's Not Just Books

Nowadays, in addition to reading, we can also listen to audio books and podcasts, devour videos and webinars, go to conferences and learn from each other all with the intent of being better business people tomorrow than we are today.

At Chief Outsiders, we read one book a quarter as a team (We just finished Jim Collins, “Great By Choice”) and most of us read many more. Personally, I llike to isten to business books when I drive on my iphone. (Right now, I am finishing up “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and in Business” by Charles Duhigg); I read on my Kindle while I use my elliptical for 40 minutes a day (That book is “Team Turnarounds: A Playbook for Transforming Underperforming Teams” by Joe Frontiera and  Daniel Leidl) and I have “Fascinate” by Sally Hogshead on my bedside table. (In the spirit of complete honesty, I also love fiction, especially mysteries with dogs in them-I love David Rosenfelt-and historical romances- my favorite author in that genre is Amanda Quick)

Books To Improve Our Businesses

The world of marketing and business is rapidly changing. It is important to continuously update ourselves on marketing methods and techniques that work. Additionally, as part of a growing company we need to learn more about all aspects of leadership, technology, communication and team development. We all are passionately committed to having our company and our clients’ companies grow profitably.

So, we read. And not just full length books. We also learn a lot from the people we follow on Twitter and Linkedin, the blogs we subscribe to and the magazines and newspapers we devour. Every day, we share information that we have gotten from these sources. You can follow us  @ChiefOutsiders 

As you may have read in some of our previous posts, we are fans of Patrick Lencioni, Jim Collins, Stephen Covey, Malcolm Gladwell and many more. We are also contributing to Chief Outsiders first book, scheduled to be published next year.

We want to do more. And we want all of you who are readers to help us and each other.

What books have made a difference to you in your business development?
What new books have you read that gave you insights or helped you with a difficult business issue?
What do you recommend that mid-market CEOs read to improve their chances of business success?

Read a book and share your thoughts

Since I wrote the blog post, I get to pick the first book and I choose "The 4 Disciplines of Execution" by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey and Jim Huling.  Dan Schawbel of Forbes recommended it earlier this year in a post. And since I love Sean's father's books, I have it in my to-be-read pile. 

In the future, we would like to use one of your recommendations. To encourage your participation, Chief Outsiders will give as a gift, a copy of the book to three of you, chosen at random, in an e-book or print edition.  We will notify the winners in two weeks.

Enter email for chance to win!

 Below, please add your suggestions for future books and any comments that you have: 

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