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3 Things a CEO Must Know About Enterprise Social Platforms

Posted by The Chief Outsider

What is it? Why should a CEO be interested?enterprise social networks and platforms

Enterprise social networks have been shown to:

Increase Productivity,
Increase Innovation
Decrease Expenses.

And that should be music to your ears. --more!--

Enterprise Social (Also known as Enterprise social networks and Enterprise social platforms) is defined as a set of tools, services, policies, procedures and protocols integrated into your business culture to facilitate and encourage engagement and collaboration.

What does that mean exactly? In effect, it is saying that having an internal network, like Facebook, for your workers can make a big difference in business results. I recently conducted a webinar on this topic for and found that many companies either have, or are considering getting, an enterprise social system.

You might be wondering why a marketer is sharing information on this topic, rather than someone from HR or IT.

What we have found is that when we are contracted to work with a firm, one of the first things that many employees we talk to complain about is lack of communication. They feel disconnected from their company, its leaders and the mission.

This hurts revenue growth as the more engaged your employees are, the more productive they are and the longer you keep them. If you don’t quite believe this, read this Gallup report.

So, oftentimes when we are working with a company, we work with their CEO and the HR team to introduce tools that help develop employee engagement. And “enterprise social” is one of those tools.

Lets look at a case study:

Increased Productivity (1.) The average knowledge worker spends 28 hours per week looking for and researching information. And presently, most go to search engines. What happens at Sabre?

Sabre is a company that runs airplane flight reservation systems and employs 10,000 people worldwide. 

When someone at Sabre has a question, they can post it  to the entire organization, and the site’s search engine will automatically send the question to the 15 employees most likely to have the answer (based on what they’ve entered in their profile, blog postings and other Q&As that have answered).

  • 60% of questions are answered within one hour (one hour!).
  • Each question receives an average of 9 responses (9 responses!).

The system has already led to greater innovation(2) (Because anyone with an idea can share it; others improve upon it and the everyone benefits and more than $150,000 (Decrease Expenses, Number 3) ) in immediate, direct savings(3) for the company. For the full article on Sabre, please go to the Prescient blog. 

You might be asking yourself how this type of system would fit into your business, which software package to buy and how to effectively implement it in your business. These are some big questions, well beyond the subject of this blog. There are so many options out there, depending upon your needs and your budget. New products are being introduced weekly. For a more in-depth discussion, check out this e-book. The important point here is opening your mind to the possibilities of what this can do for your business.

CEO's Guide to Enterprise Social Platforms

Increased Productivity. Increased Innovation. Decreased Expenses.

Is it time to seriously consider looking into a package for your business??

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