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CEOs seek Digital CMOs to Lead Growth

Posted by Jeanne Sherman

Don’t have a digital savvy CMO? You’re likely losing the digital game.


A CMO’s job description is no longer just about brand awareness and big positioning, but more about driving revenue, now and in the long term. In fact, 70% of CEOs expect CMOs to lead revenue growth.

CMOs are expected to do more because of the digital tools that allow them to do more. New digital marketing tools better connect companies with their customers in ways they couldn’t before. It’s a constantly evolving process, and the key to growth is to get into this game sooner versus later, so you can win.

With the current strong economy, the time is now to invest a surprisingly small amount of money and learn how to increase leads through better digital marketing. This will allow you to better sustain your business during the next economic down turn.

Not everything has to be a huge campaign or a revolutionary new idea. You can have big wins with very small investments.

Now it’s about constantly optimizing your website and mobile presence, better targeting your customer groups, looking ahead, and developing a game plan to improve conversion through email, paid search, social media ad buys and mobile.  Think of it as a list of small wins that accumulate sales month after month - utilizing new technology to find and convert new customers.

Waiting another 3 years to figure this out could be a fatal mistake.

To remain in the game one must innovate, particularly for small and mid-size companies that have not embraced new tech, and now find themselves struggling to drive growth.

Many companies can’t afford a full time digital CMO, but you can literally rent one!

Next Step?  Call for a Free Assessment  443.600.6844Chief Outsiders, a national consulting firm, lets you instantly access a part-time digital CMO to build your own digital marketing roadmap and help you execute it. Most engagements are 3 to 6 months, with many companies seeing results in the first month.  Free initial assessments let you evaluate the potential for your business without a commitment.

Don’t neglect your digital plan. Enable it. It’s a proven solution for small to medium-size businesses that are looking for growth but are unsure how to improve. Combined with a seasoned digital CMO, you will outperform the competition. 

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