Selecting a Strategy for Market Leadership

Selecting a Strategy for Market Leadership

Tue, Sep 22, 2020 | Posted by Per Ohstrom

Part I: Your Business in the New Normal

Small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) are the shoulders upon which America stands. With more than 90 percent of American businesses comprising the SME universe, it’s easy to understand why they are considered to be the backbone of the economy.

Far more people deliver goods and services – and earn their paychecks – on behalf of SMEs than they do from large enterprises. In spite of this, it’s the large corporations that make headlines on CNBC and wield disproportionate influence on their chosen markets. Though these headlines make it easy to believe that competition is a slug-fest between huge players in a market, the reality, it turns out, is quite different: Even in spite of the pandemic, many mid-market companies have maintained profitability -- and are still growing.

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