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An Audience of One: Neuromarketing the New Reality

Posted by The Chief Outsider

If you buy into the old corollary that the “future is now,” be prepared to be blown away by what tomorrow’s future holds.

If you thought that today’s wave of marketing analytics tools represented a bold new frontier in how enterprises can track and nurture consumers through the buying cycle, well, in the words of Bachmann Turner Overdrive – “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

And, if you believed that the kind of brain-reading technology that served up personalized advertisements to Tom Cruise in the movie “Minority Report” was the stuff of fiction, it may be closer to reality than you ever thought.

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3…2…1… We Are “Go” for Product Launch

Posted by Sean Klunder

Part 1 – Gathering Strategic Insights

B2B product companies have to move quickly to innovate and release new offerings to remain viable and sustain growth. All too often, B2B companies rely too heavily on their sales channels to launch their products. Because we are always connected to the Internet, your sales prospects have access to a wealth of information making the traditional sales journey less relevant. Your marketing team now has a greater responsibility than ever in driving success of a new product launch.

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Is Your Business Planning or “Strategically” Planning?

Posted by Sean Klunder

You might be thinking… “This is the year that my business really focuses on developing the best strategic growth plan.” Then the process starts and the questions surface… Am I developing a strategy or a plan? What’s the difference? If they are different, does my business need both?

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Pick a Strategic Direction: What Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat Can Teach CEOs about Growing Their Business

Posted by Gary Fassak

In the whimsical world of Lewis Carroll’s famous tale Alice in Wonderland, the author paints mind-bending pictures of some of the most pressing questions in modern society. Though many regard this classic as merely a children’s story, every modern CEO can appreciate several scenes woven through the book that can be applied, succinctly and directly, to the challenges of today’s global business environment.

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Attention CEOs: Your Agency of Record Is Strangling You

Posted by Joe Grace

Why you should fire your AOR and build your own virtual agency created exclusively for your company’s unique needs

If you are interested in marketing or advertising, you may have also been a fan of Mad Men, the wildly popular AMC television show about a 1960s New York ad firm fighting to stay atop a glitzy heap of competitors lining Madison Avenue. The show conjured up days of vintage marketing grandeur where the print, television, and radio ad were king. As the show came to a close in late spring, a new slew of blogs and articles sprung up on the Internet regarding the stark difference between marketing’s yesteryears, and the increasingly segmented and fragmented media world we market in today.

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