The Entrepreneur’s Growth Playbook

The Entrepreneur’s Growth Playbook

Thu, Apr 22, 2021 | Posted by Paul Sparrow

Blog 1: Are You a Pioneer or a Settler? Six Steps to a Better Business Model

Written by: Paul Sparrow, Area Managing Partner & CMO, Chief Outsiders with Samuel Kniseley Ballesteros of The Advantage Solution and a Professional EOS Implementer

Take a trip with us, if you will, back to Northern California in 1849. Word has spread across the land – there’s gold in them there hills, and we need to go find it. On just this pronouncement, and with not much more than hope and a promise, pioneers set forth to go find the gold – and with it, riches beyond their wildest imagination. You know the rest of the story – some of these folks went boom, most went bust, and the California Gold Rush became a literal flash in the pan.

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