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More Than Words: Three Ways To Leverage Influencer Marketing and Social Amplification For Growth in 2016

Posted by Karen Hayward

Renowned author and TED speaker Bryan Kramer recently honored me by asking for my predictions about social and content marketing trends for 2016 to share with his worldwide audience.

For the uninitiated, Kramer is a leading expert on the use of sharing and social influence for marketing – someone who is sought out by Fortune 500 companies and conference organizers to keynote on the subject. Someone who wrote the book on social sharing, as it is practiced today. And now, here he was, asking me to contribute to his future-looking trend list for 2016.

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8 Marketing Multipliers to Spring Forward with this Fall!

Posted by The Chief Outsider

Marketing has changed...and will move at an even more rapid pace in the future, so check out these tips to improve your marketing muscle! 

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3 Ways To Ensure Your Website Attracts Prospects

Posted by The Chief Outsider

Build stronger relationships with prospects by shaping the interactions people have with your website. Interactions are more than technological features that function on your site - interactions are about language, structure and calls to action. Strategic implementation of these features helps craft a positive experience and will increase conversions from your site.

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Growing Business and Shrinking Agencies

Posted by Pete Hayes

Change is a Good Thing

Everyone is always talking about how much the marketing landscape has changed in the past five years.  I'm here to say it's all true. But who cares? Well, if you're a growth or mid-sized company, you should care. And it's all good news.

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Silver Bullets? Loading Up for 2014 Growth

Posted by Pete Hayes

Last week was a Texas whirlwind. I met with 10 CEOs in 4 separate settings. The topics of these meetings were nearly the same – What should I be doing differently in 2014 to improve business performance?

One of these meetings was a roundtable, and I asked the CEOs what they’d like to get out of the hour. Their response? “Tell us the latest magic marketing trick that will bring us more customers.” Ok. Let’s start there.

Need a 2014 Marketing Silver Bullet?

As much as I like to say, “There are no silver bullets,” I believe that for a given company there actually may be one or two. There are some significant new avenues through which to execute marketing outreach and new methods of managing marketing operations that most business-to-business organizations have not considered or implemented. We’re finding that these approaches are particularly invisible to companies that have marketing execution resources in house, but the task of driving marketing strategy falls entirely on the CEO. 

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