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Attention CEOs: Your Agency of Record Is Strangling You

Posted by Joe Grace

Why you should fire your AOR and build your own virtual agency created exclusively for your company’s unique needs

If you are interested in marketing or advertising, you may have also been a fan of Mad Men, the wildly popular AMC television show about a 1960s New York ad firm fighting to stay atop a glitzy heap of competitors lining Madison Avenue. The show conjured up days of vintage marketing grandeur where the print, television, and radio ad were king. As the show came to a close in late spring, a new slew of blogs and articles sprung up on the Internet regarding the stark difference between marketing’s yesteryears, and the increasingly segmented and fragmented media world we market in today.

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ABC Radio: Marketing Minute by Chief Outsiders #1

Posted by Pete Hayes

Traditional Media Has It's Place

Now in our 5th year of operation, Chief Outsiders has relied heavily on its INBOUND marketing strategy to drive engagement with prospective CEOs and business owners. And yet for the past couple of years, our marketing strategy has explored various OUTBOUND tactics to complement our significant digital marketing investment. This week, we're trying something not-so-new -- radio advertising.

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Want an Audit? You Betcha!

Posted by Atul Minocha

When we hear the word “audit,” most of us skip a heartbeat and experience quickening of the pulse. Or perhaps even a chill runs down our spine. 

This blog is about a different kind of audit. It is a lot less threatening, and almost always ends with you getting something positive out of it. 

It’s called Marketing Audit.

Instead of describing it, let me share an anecdote that happened recently.

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CEO is #1 Marketer (Like it or Not)

Posted by Pete Hayes

‘But I’m Not a Marketer’

“I didn’t even know what to call it,” said the new GM of this fast growing, game changing new technology division. “I just sorted the buyers geographically, in groups of end-products by usage, then sized each total market, showing what revenue and share I thought we could get out of each. Then, we estimated how these potential opportunities would change by improving various attributes of our product…” The GM went on to tell me that this presentation to his Board, largely made up of investors who’d already shelled out $10’s of Millions, was unlike any other. Rather than the Board being restless about progress, wanting to see a return on their millions in, they were practically reaching into their wallets, eager to make an additional investment. 

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Will that new driver help you hit it longer and straighter?

Posted by The Chief Outsider

Will experiential marketing work for your company?

I recently enjoyed a long golf weekend with three friends from Toronto. One friend is a CFO, another is a CEO and the third is a Director of Experiential Marketing for a golf equipment manufacturing company. He also happens to be a former golf pro. We had a great time watching Barry Wallis hit long straight drives, shaping his iron shots to the middle of the green, getting up and down from the fringe or the sand, and not missing any putts shorter than 6 feet. What an experience this was. I had not personally used the title or created a job description for a “Director of Experiential Marketing “ so I decided to look closer and understand what Barry’s title represents. 

Building a relationship with your customers.

As I read about experiential marketing it became clear that it is really all about creating a hands on emotional experience that supports the value your products or services provides. It is the value proposition in actions not words. Too often marketers come up with great phrases and jingles and product positioning that just misses the mark. We buy to satisfy what we perceive as a need. I need a new driver because I need to hit the ball longer and straighter. Forget about my bad swing or poor tempo. The new driver will fix this. The decision becomes emotional. How many new drivers are sold every year because we think it will help us hit longer and straighter? I have a G5 Ping Driver. It works as well as I can make it work. Should I upgrade to the G25, which is several generations better than my G5?  Better yet should I switch to the new Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme. I think I still have a couple of Callaway War Birds in one of my old golf bags. I hit them pretty well. The other option of course is the new super duper R1 TP from Taylor Made. We all know that Taylor Made is the number one driver in golf. I am certain I have an old Taylor Made Bubble driver somewhere in my garage or attic. Got your attention? If not, then click here for experiential marketing. If you play golf, you are always looking for ways to improve your score. For most of us that normally translates to spending another $1000 plus to have the latest and greatest equipment. 

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