Growth Insights for CEOs

Some Businesses Matter More Than Others

Posted by Tom McCrary

Think about your favorite businesses - the ones you frequent during free time when the choice is yours, the handful you consider partnering with and those you enjoy hearing from on email.

What is it about these particular businesses that resonates with you?  What do they do that strikes you in a positive way and brings you back again and again?  What differentiates them from others you might choose?  Why specifically do these businesses matter to you?

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Are You a “Disruptor” in Your Market? Three Questions to Ask Right Now

Posted by Gary Fassak

January 15, 2009, was a brisk, cold, winter day in New York City. Everyone in the “Big Apple” was going about their business as US Airways Flight 1549 lifted off from LaGuardia Airport Runway 4 at 3:24 p.m. on its way to Charlotte, NC. We all know the story of what happened next – the “Miracle on the Hudson,” with all souls on board rescued, despite a nearly impossible situation for the pilots.

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Rev the Engine of Your Company’s Growth

Posted by Mary Doize

To quote a sage of our time, Charles M Schulz, creator of Peanuts and Charlie Brown, “Life is like a 10-speed bicycle; most of us have gears we never use.”

So, what are these gears that stimulate your business growth?

While working with a number of clients as their interim marketing head, you start to see patterns of how high growth companies behave versus those who are suffering from no or slow growth.  Those companies that are growing tend to keep a sharp eye on their competition and their marketplace.  Maybe it is the sheer competitive spirit that drives the CEO and leadership team to be curious about their competitors constantly.  This curiosity of external factors can help us understand the first gear in the growth engine, Insight.

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Are You A “Level 5” Leader? How Cool Confidence Can Foster Sales Success

Posted by Gary Fassak

On a recent sojourn, I had time between flights, so I joined the throngs of fellow travelers who had taken up residence in one of those oversized rocking chairs. As I sat working – and rocking – I observed the airport’s massive food court, which featured an amalgam of fast casual and upscale restaurants. 

One of the restaurants, in particular, seemed to have the magic formula to attracting throngs of hungry travelers – despite the fact that it was a well-known fast casual concept with thousands of units around the world. 

Though it was abuzz with activity, the employees were doing a great job of keeping up with the pace. Napkins were perfectly lined up; the counter was spotless; and the employees genuinely were smiling. Everything seemed tidy and welcoming. When customers approached, they received a greeting that far exceeded the expected for such an establishment. Even from a distance, you could see the employees smiling, the customers smiling, exchanging a few pleasantries, wishing each other to have a great day.

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The 1 Percent Secret: How to Price Your Product for Mid-Market Revenue Success

Posted by Karen Hayward

Psst. I have a secret for you, CEO. How would you like to learn one easy, surefire way to immediately add more than 10 percent in operating profits to your bottom line?

Before you declare this another attempt at “fake news,”– let me assure you, this is a legitimate, real, and practical offer.

Though it requires very little in terms of effort to achieve – it does require a leap of faith, and resolve of focus, that many CEOs have either been reticent, or reluctant, to make.

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