Growth Insights for CEOs

What do Dynamic Value Hierarchies and Power Windows Have in Common?

Posted by Mark Coronna

Do you ever wonder how power windows on cars and trucks came about?  Try to buy a vehicle with hand crank windows today.  Good luck with that. 

The story of power windows is also a story about value hierarchies.  Value hierarchies are graphic depictions of your value proposition.  Value hierarchies are usually organized as pyramids with three tiers of value:

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To Grow, You Need to Know – Why Market Awareness is Essential for CEOs

Posted by Beth VanStory

If your company is not growing, it’s important to dig deep when looking at market changes. James Quincy, the new CEO of Coke is demonstrating the progressive thinking needed to turnaround his company, which is in decline. In a recent article on, Quincy talks about critical information that he is using to understand the declines and then respond to them.

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Kickstart your Performance Initiatives: How KPIs Help You Get Results

Posted by Topher Wurts

As a CEO, you want results. To support your lofty goals, you’ve run a good strategy session; and you have a solid plan of attack. But, do you really understand the journey from your strategic plan to your desired outcome? Are you ready to use the single best tool you’ll ever have, the little understood key performance indicator, or KPI?

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Tuning Your Lead Generation Engine: One Expert’s View on How to Fill Your Funnel in 2017

Posted by Karen Hayward

The subject of lead generation has always been near and dear to my heart – even more so when I am engaged by companies that are seeking to evolve their business development practices and struggle with where and how to get started. Lead generation has become an increasingly complex landscape to navigate with a plethora of services, solutions media and approaches.

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Hey Siri - How Can I Prepare for Mobile SEO?

Posted by Janet Brey

Like it or not, two big changes are coming to search that will impact the ranking of every web site – voice search and Google mobile-first indexing. One is fueled by the way we search and the other is what Google will search in the near future.

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