Growth Insights for CEOs

The Most Important Board In The World

Posted by Tom Fritz

Once you’ve met the most important board in the world, it’s impossible to look at business issues the same ever again.  Sorry you missed the meeting, so I’ll fill you in.

A while back I spent 10 days trekking in remote eastern Nepal with the dZi Foundation, a non-profit that works in partnership with remote communities in Nepal to create lasting improvements in their quality of life.  These improvements include basic infrastructure like schools, toilets, drinking water systems and bridges, as well as numerous agricultural initiatives.

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When is Return on Learning (ROL) More Important than ROI?

Posted by Mark Coronna

If you completed a class on finance and accounting, you are likely familiar with Return on Investment (ROI).  Are you ready to take the pop quiz on how to calculate it?  No?  That’s OK, it’s not my objective here or to question your degree.  What I do want to do is to highlight when to use ROI, and when an even more powerful concept, Return on Learning, or ROL, can be even more appropriate.

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3…2…1… We Are “Go” for Product Launch

Posted by Sean Klunder

Part 1 – Gathering Strategic Insights

B2B product companies have to move quickly to innovate and release new offerings to remain viable and sustain growth. All too often, B2B companies rely too heavily on their sales channels to launch their products. Because we are always connected to the Internet, your sales prospects have access to a wealth of information making the traditional sales journey less relevant. Your marketing team now has a greater responsibility than ever in driving success of a new product launch.

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What do Yogi Berra, Gartner Research, and the Business Adoption of Mobile Technologies Have in Common?

Posted by Mark Coronna

Of all the memorable lines that Yogi Berra is known for my favorite is: “It’s déjà vu all over again.” The application of déjà vu to business adoption of innovative emerging technologies seems to actually express what Yogi might as well have been trying to say. History repeats itself in many aspects of our lives, and business is not different.

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CMOs: Your Days Are (Still) Numbered

Posted by Stijn Hendrikse

Chief Marketing Officer Tenure Drops from 48 to 44 Months

High CMO turnover is a continuing trend in major US companies. While the average tenure has risen over the past decade (the average length of stay was a mere 23.6 months in 2004, compared with 48 months in 2014), a recent study released by Spencer Stuart indicates we may be approaching a down swing - last year's average CMO tenure clocked in at just 44 months (the first drop in a decade).

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Are You Guilty of Committing Random Acts of Marketing?

Posted by The Chief Outsider

Some of the companies with the most efficient operations are also the ones who have the hardest time growing. It’s a counterintuitive idea, but it’s one that has been supported by research and that serves as the basis for this week’s episode of In Process. On the show this week are Art Saxby and Beth VanStory. Saxby, founder of Chief Outsiders, learned his trade in marketing in brand and project management at Frito-Lay, Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola and Compaq/HP, before engaging as an executive turn-around specialist for companies including Imperial Sugar and Hines Horticulture. VanStory is a strategy and marketing consultant with Chief Outsiders. An experienced general management and marketing executive, her background crosses consumer and b-to-b sectors and includes experience in media, retailing, entertainment, and ecommerce. She launched and led to profitability in one year and also led the new media group at The Weather Channel, bringing to one of the most visited sites on the web and initiating interactive advertising for the company. 

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Crowd-Sourced Marketing Content: Uber-ization of the Creative Community

Posted by Evan Eckman

Over the past decade, crowd-sourced marketing content has evolved from an unconventional approach for start-ups to become mainstream - particularly in Europe. Leading European brands, across a huge spectrum of industries, have been using crowd-sourced marketing content for digital production and visual design. More recently, North American firms are starting to see the benefits and it’s gaining acceptance.

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Will You Create a “Success Story” in 2017?

Posted by Craig Wilson

I love the challenge of a tough business problem because I love the satisfaction of playing a role in a successful business transformation. 

On November 20, 2016, it was announced that Calpine Energy Services acquired North American Power with 250,000 residential electricity and natural gas customers across 12 states. 

So, here’s a story that I am proud to share with you. I call it … 

The Transformation of North American Power and Gas, LLC.

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What do Value Propositions, Word Clouds, and Before/After Diet Ads have in Common?

Posted by Mark Coronna

As consumers, we can’t miss the constant series of “before and after” adverts promoted by diet product companies.  You know the ones I mean. Big and unhappy before, slim and smiling after. The long-term and continuing use of this approach can be explained by only a couple of reasons: (a) either these companies can’t think of any more creative ways of marketing their products, or (b) the ads actually work.

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Take the “Path to Closure” to Ensure Forecast Accuracy Success

Posted by Karen Hayward

Only a half a generation ago, we thought we had it made, technology-wise. Getting onto the World Wide Web was as easy as loading up the latest CD mailer from America Online; and we were able to send important messages to beeping little black boxes that resided on our belt clip or purse strap. We truly had it made – or so we thought.

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