Executive Marketing Positions

  • Senior Vice President of Product Management, Strategic Partnerships & Digital Channels, Rabobank, N.A.
  • Senior Vice President of Home Equity Product Management, Wells Fargo & Co.
  • Senior Vice President of Internet Technology, Strategy & Product Management, Bank of America
  • Senior Director of Product Development and Underwriting, iOwn.com (financial technology start-up)


  • Master of Science, University of California at Davis
  • Bachelor of Science, University of California at Davis


  • Growth Assessment, Business Model Development, Strategy, and Execution
  • Product Development and Management
  • Product Mix Assessment
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Financial Services e-Commerce
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Strategic Workshops to Gain Executive Alignment
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Financial Technology, Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Finance and Pricing
  • Education

How Chris Can Grow Your Business

  • Transforming business vision into a concrete strategy with defined action items, timelines and deliverables
  • Accelerating product development and improving execution to grow revenue
  • Assessing and turning around product lines and complex initiatives to achieve revenue goals
  • Identifying and negotiating strategic partnerships to broaden your product menu, sharpen the company’s focus on core offerings and grow revenue
  • Aligning pricing and fees with your value proposition and competition to grow revenue
  • Workshops to drive alignment and prioritization of the highest value activities to grow revenue
  • Spearheading new initiatives for companies constrained by day-to-day operations
  • Ensuring product launch readiness
  • Enhancing customer retention, up-sell, cross-sell and loyalty
  • Developing your product, pricing, competitive and Go-To-Market strategies
  • KPI development for best practice product management to drive revenue and accountability
  • Driving company growth as hands-on, fractional CMO, Head of Product on your leadership team

Success Stories

  • Introduced product packages to target profitable customer segments and reward deep relationships at a regional bank:
    • Increased business account average balance by 38% and increased account production by 12% in first year. 
    • Improved consumer account cross-sale 13% in first year and eliminated nearly all rate pricing exceptions, materially improving profitability.
  • Instituted annual fee review to optimize fee income and align value delivered, resulting in annual fee revenue growth of $3.6 million over three years at a regional bank.
  • Led strategic partnership initiatives, including merchant service, check printing and payroll service to substantially improved service levels, and nearly doubled planned revenue at a regional bank.
  • Delivered vision, strategy and implementation road map for digital channels (mobile, online and ATM) at a regional bank.
  • Turned around a regional bank's failing credit card business. Grew fee revenue from a loss to more than $1 million annually.  Increased wallet share from 4% to 15% in 3 years.
  • Turned around a regional bank's online banking system conversion.
  • Instituted disciplined product development process to prioritize opportunities.  Reduced product queue from 150 to 25 initiatives and successfully withstood repeated regulator inspections at a regional bank.
  • Rationalized product line, reducing home equity products from 7 to 3 to simplify the product line for customers, sellers and servicers.  Successfully launched two new products in all states and distribution channels simultaneously, a first for a large bank.  New product reached 57% of total production within 4 months.
  • Increased fee revenue by 6.1% in year 1 and 7.5% in year 2 while delivering a more consistent customer experience for a large bank.
  • Led quantification of consumer loan rate conversion risk and benefit, development of key insights and risk mitigation strategies at one of the nation's top lenders.  Substantiated revenue benefits exceeding $100 million for a large bank.
  • For an educational foundation, diversified revenue by growing retail sales through store expansion and changes in management, which grew to become the non-profit’s largest source of revenue.

Chris Wallner Biography

Chris Wallner is an accomplished product management, development and e-commerce executive, with a track record of major wins in the financial industry.  Chris is known for his proven ability to drive revenue growth by converting insights into actionable, sustainable strategies, and flawlessly executed solutions.  

Previously, Chris led product management, strategic partnerships and digital channels at Rabobank, a specialty, California based, $15 billion agricultural bank.  During this time, J.D. Power ranked Rabobank highest in customer satisfaction among California retail banks for 5 consecutive years, 2011 to 2015.  While at Wells Fargo, Chris led home equity product development, document and fee management.  He delivered a diverse set of market changing strategy, e-commerce and customer experience initiatives at Bank of America and at the internet startup iOwn.com.  Chris is recognized for identifying and transforming customer needs into simple, innovative and quickly embraced solutions, tools and resources while delivering proven value to a company.  

At Rabobank, Chris transformed disparate products into integrated packages of financial solutions to target, deepen and reward profitable consumer and business relationships.  He negotiated credit card, merchant service, and payroll service strategic partnerships to improve and extend the company’s product menu while significantly increasing profitability.  He delivered the digital channel long term vision and strategies and led consolidations of multiple digital platforms. 

At Wells Fargo, Chris simplified the market leader’s complex and redundant home equity product line into a streamlined, yet feature rich menu of solutions consisting of two core products.  He accomplished this while delivering a first for Wells Fargo by flawlessly and simultaneously launching these products in all states and across all distribution channels. 

Chris’ integrity and interpersonal skills set him apart.  He is known for leading and motivating teams in world class product and solution design, development, and flawless execution.  Chris has a professional reputation for skillfully building top performing teams to achieve superior, consistent results, and partnering with the CEO to align the leadership team.  Chris enjoys finding the win-win in all challenges.  He has a track record of driving diverse groups to consensus while delivering results through strong leadership and collaboration skills, and assessing and rapidly turning around troubled, complex initiatives through winning strategies and tactics.  

Chris’ professional success can be traced back to entrepreneurial beginnings as the owner of North Shore Sailing, a big boat sailing school and yacht charter business on Lake Tahoe.  It was this experience that confirmed Chris’ passion for business and for delivering a “WOW” customer experience while he pursued an advanced science degree.  Chris’ academic background is biological sciences, with a BS and MS from UC Davis.  

Chris and his wife Anne raised their two children in a 1908 farm house on a former egg and dairy farm in rural Sonoma County.  The entire family continues to share a passion for sailing and a variety of water and snow board sports. Together with his brother and sister, Chris looks forward to running his 7th marathon next year.  He also enjoys formation flying in his aerobatic, experimental airplane.  Chris is former President of the Board of the Petaluma Educational Foundation. 


"Chris was exactly what we needed! His approach to marketing is to get the facts straight before building strategy, which makes sense because you don't want a strategy based on your own bias and perception. He also delivered exactly what was promised - a strategic review of what we're doing, a solid understanding of our customer, a foundation for growing our company and a tactical plan to effect the changes we need. Chris brought top-quality marketing expertise to our company when we couldn't afford someone of his caliber full-time. We've enjoyed working with him as he's easy-going and does what he says he'll do. I highly recommend Chris to anyone considering adding him to your team."

Richard Walker, CEO, Quik!


"It was pleasure working with Chris. He quickly earned the respect of the executive team and, in particular, he worked well with our existing CMO and marketing team. He is a strong leader, listener, problem solver and influencer. He provided methodology for organizational project prioritization, and he worked with our CMO to realign the marketing organization chart, calculate campaign ROIs, prioritize campaigns, and create an enhanced marketing plan. Bravo!" 

Annette Zimmerman, President and CEO, PRIMEWAY FCU


"Chris is a great listener who can accurately and quickly synthesize a dynamic group discussion into targeted action items that suit the needs of the team."  

Robin Johnson, VP, Rabobank


"Chris is known for leading and motivating diverse, matrixed teams across highly complex organizations." 

Pamela Rooney, SVP, Wells Fargo


"Chris is truly an exceptional leader. His business strategy and recommendations are well thought out and acknowledge both opportunities and consequences." 

Dianne Kush, Commercial Card Program Manager, Union Bank


"Chris is incredibly strong at breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable pieces." 

Pedro Ferrer, SVP, Rabobank


"Chris is an outstanding disciplined manager that I have worked with both at Bank of America and Wells Fargo in e-commerce and consumer product management and development roles." 

Sean Dowdall, GM and CMO, Landis Communications


"Chris is creative and versatile. In his role as fair lending chief, he created market and customer segmented products and marketing programs, community lending training programs and represented the company in front of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) several times." 

Joel Russo, CEO, M1Marketing