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THE STREET: Chief Outsiders CMO Sees New Era for Agencies

Large, Traditional Agencies and Media Buyers Not Relevant for Mid-sized Companies

Houston, TX (PRWEB) February 05, 2013

Chief Outsiders CMO Pete Hayes made it clear in this article on THE how the role of traditional agencies is changing for companies of all sizes.

“It’s a terrific opportunity for mid-sized companies,” said Hayes. “With today’s digital marketing channels and management platforms, smaller companies have simple access to very powerful tools.”

Hayes goes on to share additional perspective in this recent post on the Chief Outsiders CEO blog site,Growing Business and Shrinking Agencies.

One reason traditional agencies are shrinking and digital marketing firms are growing is because executives of mid-sized companies are beginning to grasp the difference between the two.

“That’s not to say that large traditional agencies don’t have a place and time. But digital marketing solutions are proliferating and changing the landscape,” says Hayes. “Companies that don’t take advantages of these affordable and effective tools will get left behind.”

Digital solutions’ centerpiece now includes inbound marketing automation; cloud-based software that attracts and nurtures prospects using personalized content that converts prospects into customers and provides companies with a more measurable return on investment.

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