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Jack Bowen

Jack is an engaging, roll-up your sleeves leader who draws on 20+ years of C-level marketing leadership and growth experience with significant expertise in data-based, direct-to-customer (B or C) performance-marketing, driving both topline and profitability throughout – acquisition, conversion and sales operations. With significant experience assessing, implementing, and training performance marketing teams.

About Jack Bowen

Jack specializes in developing direct-to-consumer growth strategies and optimizing sales performance across multiple sectors. With a solid background in large-scale operations at companies like GM while applying a hands-on, versatile approach, he adeptly navigates the challenges of organizations of all sizes. Jack's data-driven insights enhance the effectiveness of integrated sales and marketing teams. Known for his dynamic leadership and robust network, he has a proven track record in launching successful products and services. He excels in building organizations from the ground up and implementing advanced AI/ML analytics to boost sales conversion. He is always ready to roll up his sleeves and tackle the fundamentals alongside his teams.

How Jack has Helped Businesses Grow

  • Enhanced Prospect Engagement: Boosted prospect acquisition quality and efficiency by 30% applying high-value customer analysis and ultimately implementing a cutting-edge sales propensity model.
  • Innovated Lead Generation Technology: Spearheaded the development of a lead generation and acquisition SaaS solution significantly enhancing transactional profitability and growth for both OEMs and retailers/franchisees.
  • Aligning Marketing & Sales: Drove a 30% improvement in sales by aligning high-value customers with high-performing (efficient) contact sales staff.
  • Digital Marketing Alignment: Achieved a 40% improvement in key performance marketing efficiencies across multiple e-commerce brands by aligning target segment needs with distinctly aligned landing page content.
  • New Product Development: Launched multiple brands across industries. Implementing voice of customer process mapping, new product/service offerings, and integrated go-to-market strategies.
  • Digital Ad Efficiency: Cut lead acquisition expenses by 20% over multiple e-commerce businesses by eliminating underperforming search campaigns and optimizing the budget for higher yields.
  • Digital Competitive Assessments: Optimized the company’s ability to provide efficient analysis comparing client brand position in the market with key competitive brands.

Client Resources

Executive Experience

  • CMO, Author Solutions
  • CMO, Harrison College
  • CMO, Academix Direct
  • President of Marketing & Advertising, CMO, Education Management Corporation
  • Consulting Executive, Managing Partner, Acxiom Corporation
  • CMO, Urban Science Applications
  • General Manager, Digital and Direct Marketing, General Motors Corporation
  • General Manager, GM Cardmember Services, General Motors Corporation


  • MS, Systems Management, University of Southern California
  • BS, Engineering, West Point

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Industry Experience
  • Home Repair & Restoration Services
  • Online Education
  • Automotive Services & Retail
  • Demand Generation
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • High-Value Customer Alignment
  • Marketing Organization Realignment
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