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A dynamic results-oriented, data-driven professional, Douglas drives nationwide growth through the creation and delivery of unique, creative brand strategies enhancing customer affinity and market position. With 25+ years of executive marketing experience, he strengthens brand equity with resonating positioning strategies via successful marketing programs and innovative marketing campaigns that boost revenues. An innovative leader with strong team building and collaboration skills, his strategic initiatives generate substantial shareholder and franchisee value, and open new revenue opportunities.
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Selecting a Strategy for Market Leadership: Part Four

Selecting a Strategy for Market Leadership: Part Four

Thu, Oct 15, 2020 | Posted by Per Ohstrom

Evaluating Your Strategic Options

Hopefully, in our last two blogs (Part Two and Part Three), you have learned a great deal about the influence that your industry and coming trends will have on your company’s overall success in the marketplace.

Against the backdrop of the keen market analysis we worked through in each of the past two blogs, you now are in a position to make some tough decisions and choices. A competitive strategy must be fact-based and informed by industry analysis. By working through the steps in the previous articles, we laid a solid foundation for this strategy.

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