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Jeff Loeb
A hands-on, customer-centric, growth marketer, Jeff has developed and executed marketing strategies enabling B2B companies to grow from startup to $350M in revenue and become category leaders. Jeff is always eager to roll-up his sleeves and get into the trenches with CEOs, go-to-market leaders and executive teams. He is an expert at rapidly identifying high-impact opportunities and gaps, implementing quick wins, developing marketing strategies, and applying modern digital and account-based marketing (ABM) best practices to accelerate growth, increase EBITDA, improve marketing ROI and create buzz. Jeff helps create winning positioning, messaging and solution packaging that drives buyer urgency and reduces sales friction. He is skilled at working closely with sales teams to build high-velocity “land and expand” programs that accelerate new customer acquisition, drive customer upsell and expansion, and decrease customer acquisition costs (CAC).
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