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CEOs: What’s your Competitor’s Plan to Win?

Posted by Deborah Fell

Part 4 of Creating Sustainability for the Business

“How could she not see this coming?” Look in the mirror. 

Armed with a strategic plan built on the foundation of purpose and stocked with customer insight, it’s now time to look closely at the competition. Learning how your competitors plan to defeat your strategy will fortify your plan to achieve long-term success.

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CEOs: Go Deep for your Customers!

Posted by Deborah Fell

Part 3 of Creating Sustainability for the Business

A Sea of Sameness

“So, what do you think of our website?”  This was a new client—at my first on-site meeting with the CEO. 

“You have great product merchandising, well-written features and benefits. Could use some work on the ecommerce side,” I replied.  “What I’m not clear on, though, is this, ‘Who is your customer, and how do you help them?’”

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CEOs: What do You Stand For and Who Cares?

Posted by Deborah Fell

Part 2 of Creating Sustainability for the Business

I often work with CEOs who have created an idea and started a business.  They grew sales and needed to hire more people along the way, even managers.  Most loved the creative journey of getting the business off the ground.

They started out thriving as an expert in a business function or leading the development of a product or service. Over time, they grappled with the increasing demands of managing a business with many other function or process leaders. 

Some have grown the business to the point where they decided to bring in a President to do much of the leading and managing of the business for them. This is the time when answering the question, “What do you stand for?”  becomes critical.

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CEO: What is Your Strategy to Profit from the Growing Economy?

Posted by Deborah Fell

Part 1 of Creating Sustainability for the Business Series

What time is it?  In ITR’s April 2017 Economic Trends Report, “It’s go time” and according to numerous leading indicators that they track, we’re in the part of the business phase where keeping up with demand becomes our key challenge.

So, it’s all good, right? Well…

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Business Strategy, Digital Strategy, and "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost

Posted by Mark Coronna

Many of you probably read Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” somewhere in your educational career.  It’s a short poem of four stanzas and 20 lines total.  For a poem so brief, it’s surprising that Frost’s famous work is so powerful yet often misinterpreted.  If you can’t recall the poem, or want to read one commentary, you can do a refresh here.

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