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Marketing Playing both Halves to Accelerate Growth

Posted by Doug Rainbolt

What do I mean by marketing playing both halves?  Is my sports mindedness coming through?  Maybe! I tend to make comparisons to sports only because it’s easier to provide contexts. For the sake of illustration, in the context of marketing’s engagement with prospects and customers, assume that the first half covers all of the steps required to identify and convert prospects into customers. When marketing and sales people speak of the funnel and buying stages, it’s generally about first half focus and performance.  The second half covers the rest of the story. That is, once a prospect becomes a customer, how do we as marketers engage with them?  If we’re talking about a B2B customer, the halves are generally asymmetrical, where the second half is much longer than the first.  Have you ever heard a marathoner say that the halfway point in a marathon is mile 20? The point is that the bulk of energy expended and the benefits accrued, happens after the customer buys. Yes, we have Customer Success organizations popping up, especially in Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, and many are quite capable and successful in reducing churn and providing great support when customers need it. But, I’d argue that in many, if not most companies, the role of marketing resembles a cameo appearance in the second half. We’re not seeing the developed customer advocacy that leads to even higher revenue growth and valuations.

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Generation Merge: Using Traditional Tools to Fill Digital Gaps in Customer Experience

Posted by Dana Lanham

The digital age is numbing the senses that are important to building relationships and positive interactions. I grew up watching our modes of communication evolve, but millennials and later generations have been raised with devices in their hands. Spoken voice and focused listening have evolved as people are using these tools less often and replacing them with digital. How did we get to this point, and how can we balance traditional and digital interaction so it’s not so askew? Any ideas?

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5 Ways Customer Experience can Influence Sales Growth [Infographic]

Posted by Ed Valdez

According to Accenture, the business costs of poor customer experiences can be as much as $1.6 Trillion from U.S. consumers who switch their service to a different brand or service provider. However, CEOs and companies who demonstrate a continuous pursuit of excellence in customer experience reap not only long-term customer loyalty, but also positively impact revenue growth. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, enjoys sharing the story in his bestselling book [Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose] about a client of his who wanted pizza late at night even though hotel room service was closed. Hsieh challenged his client to call Zappos customer service for his order even though it’s a fashion retailer – and, thanks to his customer service staff, pizza was delivered at 2AM.

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CEO’s Guide to Improving the Customer Experience

Posted by The Chief Outsider

Part 1 of a 3-Part Series

"The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer."

- Peter Drucker 

With that simple, concise statement management consulting legend, Peter Drucker, captured the essence of business.  He also made it clear it all starts with the customer.  That’s never more true than today. The era of the empowered consumer, driven largely by technology, has resulted in customers demanding more of companies and wanting the experience to be delivered on their terms.

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Road Map the Customer Experience to Align Sales and Operations

Posted by Dennis Bailen

So often these days, blogs, posts and articles are written about aligning Sales and Marketing. I agree that doing so is critical.  But there is another alignment need that is often overlooked and equally critical to company growth and customer satisfaction.  The question is are we selling what we are delivering in terms of the customer experience?

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