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Road Map the Customer Experience to Align Sales and Operations

Posted by Dennis Bailen

So often these days, blogs, posts and articles are written about aligning Sales and Marketing. I agree that doing so is critical.  But there is another alignment need that is often overlooked and equally critical to company growth and customer satisfaction.  The question is are we selling what we are delivering in terms of the customer experience?

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The Secret Formula to Guaranteed Customer Loyalty (L=HE^2)

Posted by Gary Fassak

As a CEO, you have traveled extensively, and probably stayed in more hotels than you care to admit. You have likely experienced different service levels -- even at high-end hotels that purport to be customer focused. Even at the five-diamond properties with white-glove service and the “Heavenly Beds,” you never quite feel at home.

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5 Steps to Building Credibility

Posted by The Chief Outsider

It’s hard to build a name for yourself when you’re brand new. There’s always the catch-22 of needing a foundation of customers to develop credibility, but needing credibility to attract new customers. You can have the most innovative, honest and necessary product on the market, but if no one knows about it – it’s time to get people talking.

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A Dog’s Eye View of Marketing: Six Steps To Ensuring Customer Delight

Posted by Mike McGinn

Dogs, it is said, are man’s best friend. Exceedingly loyal, our four-legged canine buddies want to follow us when we walk, doze when we nap, and sometimes plop themselves at our feet when we are busy writing blogs. 

But, heaven forbid, if we were to slide over to them a bowl of dog food that they found to be appalling, they become quite single-minded. They protest. They turn away. And all that loyalty? Pfft. Out the window.

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Removing the “CUSS” from Customer Service –10 Steps to Priming Your Online Presence for Customer Success

Posted by The Chief Outsider

The “paradigm shift.” Yes, it’s an overused word in most boardrooms and offices across everywhere. However, it’s important that we think about what it really means for this blog. Merriam-Webster defines a paradigm shift as “an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about, or doing something, is replaced by a new and different way.

Indeed, we’re seeing this shift in both business information and customer communications, which have changed dramatically in the last year alone. Easy access to high-speed data and the Internet, sleeker and faster mobile devices, and an overall societal acceptance of constantly “checking the web” have converged to create a sea change for you and your business.

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