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Find Your Road to Growth: How to Identify and Move Beyond Random Acts of Marketing

Posted by Janet Roberts

When I meet with CEOs in my role as a fractional CMO, it’s usually at a time when their company’s growth, revenues, or market share – or some combination of the three – have flattened. Often, these CEOs are finding that their current marketing efforts aren’t delivering the results they expect. And in most cases, their companies are in “scale-up” mode with substantial emphasis on sales and operational excellence.

An unintended consequence of this critical stage in a business’s maturation process is that marketing is often relegated to a meandering series of one-off tactics such as glossy sales sheets, the occasional trade show, search engine optimization, and a basic website with the intent of meeting in-the-moment needs.

We call these types of tactics “random acts of marketing,” and while company leaders mean well in creating them, the reality is they cost money, don’t get results, and divert attention of the marketing staff from higher-value activities. Worse yet, they consume precious resources that could fund and execute a strategy to support growth and build value.

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Three Reasons Why A One Page Marketing Plan Will Keep Your Growth Strategy on Course

Posted by Don Lee

If you type in “marketing strategy” on Google, your screen will instantly become flooded with a spectrum of software tools and new-age philosophies.  With all the information available to us at the click of a button, defining and implementing the right strategic plan for your business can become time-consuming – and overwhelming.

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Five Questions That Can Make Your Marketing Much More Effective

Posted by Bill Stewart


In my career I’ve found that most marketers spend massive amounts of time and money on the tools of marketing – painstakingly analyzing the results of an “a/b” test, combing through email response rates, and looking for ways to get another tenth of a percent in conversion, yet most of us gloss over the most effective way to improve marketing performance – understanding the customer.

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How Does a Fractional Multi-CMO Approach Accelerate Business Growth?

Posted by Janet Roberts


Think about the last time you recruited for a key marketing position. The candidates you interviewed were impressive and experienced, but the perfect hire would have required you to take one applicant’s extensive industry background and combine it with the digital savvy and laser-focused strategic mindset of another. While we all strive to identify the ideal expert, securing the perfect combination of knowledge, personality, and skills seems about as likely as capturing a griffin or chimera.   

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An Equitable View: Four Questions to Ask in Gauging Your Company’s Market Potential

Posted by Gary Fassak

Private Equity investors, as a rule, have a propensity for looking before they leap. Known for their discipline and attention to detail, PE investors rarely reach for a dime without conducting a fair amount of due diligence. Most potential PE investment activity has within its foundation a document known as the investment thesis – essentially, the private investors’ “white paper,” outlining in detail how value will be created and a return made on the investment within the target exit timing.

Often the primary drivers of this thesis are restructuring costs – fixed overhead, asset deployment and operating expense. Another driver relates to the sales force – in particular, whether an addition of headcount or selling tools would drive more sales, and increase effectiveness.

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