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Lessons in Innovation: The Customer Development Team’s exposure to Prospective Customers

Posted by Doug Rainbolt

In my last post I shared a process for companies to consider using when evaluating new products for new markets.  The core idea is to test “customer readiness” before making significant investments in Marketing and Sales. And the vehicle for testing is to use a cross-functional Customer Development team to reach out to prospects to create and expedite learning moments. Uncover the facts, test your assumptions, and iterate on the product, if absolutely required, before executing the big launch. In this post, I’ll share an experience I’ve had when using this approach.

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An Audience of One: Neuromarketing the New Reality

Posted by The Chief Outsider

If you buy into the old corollary that the “future is now,” be prepared to be blown away by what tomorrow’s future holds.

If you thought that today’s wave of marketing analytics tools represented a bold new frontier in how enterprises can track and nurture consumers through the buying cycle, well, in the words of Bachmann Turner Overdrive – “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

And, if you believed that the kind of brain-reading technology that served up personalized advertisements to Tom Cruise in the movie “Minority Report” was the stuff of fiction, it may be closer to reality than you ever thought.

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Kickstart your Performance Initiatives: How KPIs Help You Get Results

Posted by Topher Wurts

As a CEO, you want results. To support your lofty goals, you’ve run a good strategy session; and you have a solid plan of attack. But, do you really understand the journey from your strategic plan to your desired outcome? Are you ready to use the single best tool you’ll ever have, the little understood key performance indicator, or KPI?

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Hey Siri - How Can I Prepare for Mobile SEO?

Posted by Janet Brey

Like it or not, two big changes are coming to search that will impact the ranking of every web site – voice search and Google mobile-first indexing. One is fueled by the way we search and the other is what Google will search in the near future.

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What B2B E-commerce can Learn from Consumer Retail

Posted by Jay Dunn

The world of consumer retail is in the midst of rapid transformation.

Traffic in brick-and-mortar stores is decreasing. Consumers are moving away from shopping malls. Traditional advertising—whether via direct mail, TV ads or newspaper and magazine ads—is losing its relevance.

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