Executive Marketing Positions

  • Vice President, Global Marketing at Brink’s
  • Vice President, Marketing at Milliken
  • Global Marketing Leader at DuPont


  • MBA, Management, Marketing, Penn State
  • BChE, Chemical Engineering, University of Dayton


  • Building a company-wide culture focused on competitive, customer and market insights
  • Positioning Businesses and Brands to thrive in their markets during times of change
  • Understanding customer requirements and launching new products
  • Integrating digital into marketing programs and strategies
  • Aligning sales and marketing to identify customers and drive them through the sales funnel
  • Transforming Marketing into a results-oriented function
  • Experience in Industrial markets, B2B services and consumer brand licensing
  • Background in industrial and manufacturing industries (chemicals, building materials, protective apparel, textiles, distribution and services)

How Dawn Can Grow Your Business

  • Defining, Building and Executing a Go-to-Market Strategy that Drives Revenue Growth
  • Developing and Implementing omni-channel marketing programs to find and nurture sales leads
  • Developing strong customer and market insights that inform new products, help you target the right customers, and meet emerging needs
  • Building a compelling customer experience that nurtures leads through the sales funnel
  • Creating a company-wide market orientation
  • Aligning Marketing and Sales Operations
  • Licensing your brand(s) for visibility and profitability
  • Defining New Product and New Market Entry Strategies and Programs
  • Refining Company Positioning, Messaging and Brand Identity
  • Re-positioning existing Products or Services
  • Designing and Building Effective Marketing and Sales Organization
  • Effectively positioning your brand to your target buyer
  • Measuring and optimizing the impact of your marketing programs (and reducing programs that do not further your strategic goals)

Success Stories

  • Re-positioned textile giant, achieving 80% external recognition as an “innovation” leader and transforming the internal culture within 2 years
  • Implemented innovative customer experiences and marketing outreach programs that supported $10–20 million in new business each year in the chemical, building and performance material markets
  • Created brand licensing strategy and negotiated new agreements to increase brand licensing royalty revenue by 25% or more annually
  • Led go-to-market strategy and business development to introduce performance fiber into the consumer apparel market, achieving first-year revenue target within 6 months
  • Co-founded and led growth of key corporate social responsibility program that enabled company to gain a seat at the table for local environmental discussions
  • Reduced slow-moving inventory by 50% through targeted sales programs
  • Led the complex product rationalization and integration of two safety apparel businesses; awarded “Supplier Excellence Award” for seamless integration
  • Networked disparate regional messaging and communications functions to drive sharing and reduce $1 million of re-work each year
  • Reduced Marketing spend by 25% with no measurable impact to the company

Dawn Werry Biography

Chief marketing executive with over 20 years of experience in large, diverse B2B companies in the scientific, manufacturing and service industries. 

Dawn began her career as an engineer, but quickly moved to Marketing in order to be closer to the customer. She progressed through the Marketing organization over nearly twenty years with DuPont before moving on to lead Marketing at Milliken and then Brink’s.

Dawn is known for transforming the Marketing culture in her companies. She believes in building a deep, company-wide focus on the market forces impacting the business, then using those insights to inform every customer touchpoint, from the product offering to market outreach. She is also a strong advocate for measuring the impact of Marketing, closely aligning Marketing and sales, and focusing Marketing resources on the few initiatives that truly create competitive advantage.

Her greatest successes have come from working with businesses and teams that are undergoing significant transition. She partners with business leaders to evolve their positioning and offerings in order to continue to win in the market. She also transforms Marketing teams from task-oriented functions to impact-oriented teams that add increasingly more value to the company. 

When not Marketing, Dawn enjoys jazz dance, global travel, cooking, and spending time at the Chesapeake Bay with her husband and two Portuguese Water Dogs. She also sits on the Ethisphere Institute’s Communications Advisory Board and volunteers on the board of Jacob’s Chance.