Executive Marketing Positions

  • Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Marriott International
  • Vice President, Marriott Senior Living Services
  • Chief Marketing Officer, Hastens Beds
  • Division Management, AT&T
  • Product Management, Ecolab
  • Regional Management, McDonald’s Corp.


  • MBA, Business Management, The George Washington University
  • BBA, Marketing, The George Washington University


  • Develop and implement actionable strategic plans ("Plan to Win") to establish your brand and grow your business
  • Analyze sources of revenue and use of resources to identify/correct root cause(s) of slowing growth
  • Identify segment, market and supply chain opportunities to catalyze growth
  • Launch mission critical initiatives, including new products/services, to support aggressive growth
  • Create implementation plans and discipline to ensure effective on-time, on-budget execution
  • Develop, oversee, execute re-branding and positioning activities to clarify what your brand stands for and regain market leadership
  • Align and sequence sales and marketing messaging and activities to increase lead generation and improve conversion
  • Develop, refine digital marketing strategies and processes to generate and measure results

How Deborah Can Grow Your Business

  • Align leadership teams to transform growth
  • Define your core customer, and quantify/identify high priority segments to drive market share and increase ROI
  • Create/improve and manage lead generation strategies to support significant revenue growth
  • Assess your client/consumer-facing brand impact and recommend adjustments to increase resonance and results
  • Develop marketing strategies and plans to launch new or market existing products/services to generate revenue
  • Evaluate effectiveness of organization, people and processes; develop and guide changes
  • Evaluate sales and marketing strategies, activities and budgets; recommend program and budget optimization to increase productivity or reduce costs

Success Stories

  • Drove 1-point market share growth in global hospitality firm through market re-positioning, internal and external brand clarity, and innovative go-to-market approaches
  • Increased loyalty in luxury brand by 5% during downturn through differentiation strategies and leveraging shared platforms
  • Achieved 8-point market share increase through re-positioning, establishing the brand’s voice, web development, and product and service enhancements
  • Developed and launched brand positioning and initiatives with full system alignment in less than 6 months for manufacturing and retailing company (including new retail store design requiring dealer investment)
  • Reorganized and transitioned marketing team from silo advertising focus to broader business role in driving innovation, alignment and results
  • Established company-wide marketing planning, measurement and alignment process

Deborah Fell Biography

A strategic marketing leader, Deborah has a track record of developing effective growth strategies and marketing plans across numerous industries in the consumer, professional service and business-to-business arenas. Customer-focused, collaborative and creative, Deborah’s reputation is built on helping companies define their strategic positioning, growth and marketing strategies, as well as go-to-market plans that generate business results. As a fractional Chief Marketing Officer and executive, she brings 30+ years of strategic marketing and operational excellence.

She has led global, national and regional marketing teams and growth initiatives, as well as been responsible for departmental, owner, franchisee and regional stakeholder alignment to ensure effective implementation and customer experience. Her passion and curiosity to grow the business and provide strategic marketing leadership has inspired organizations in multiple industries for 30 years in both B2C and B2B companies, including the many start-ups that she has mentored over the past few years.  

During her tenure as Chief Marketing Officer for Hastens Beds (boutique luxury brand in Sweden), she strengthened market positioning for the brand and implemented new store retail design in the US, Europe and Asia in six months, gaining the alignment of retail dealers globally and growing store sales.  

As Senior Vice President, Marketing Strategy and Integration at Marriott International, she developed market positioning for the masterbrand, along with branding, marketing strategies, products and go-to-market implementation that grew share profitably in established and emerging brands. She and her team provided brand enhancing and marketing automation tools to engage the global system in delivering compelling customer experiences. She transitioned the team from TV/print advertising focus to a multi-channel, digitally-savvy integrated marketing organization focused on brand building and revenue results.

She is known for being hands-on, direct, and a critical thinker: able to create and activate key business and customer insights from a combination of data, experience, intuition and effective listening.  She integrates and collaborates well with executive teams.

She earned both her BBA and MBA from The George Washington University. She is also a trained executive coach.