How to Select Your Fractional CMO

Step 1
Discovery Call

At your convenience, Chief Outsiders will set a time for you to share your unique challenges and opportunities for growth

Step 2
CMO Match

We help match your situation and requirements to one or more fractional CMOs, facilitating your selection to ensure you’ll get the right expertise plus a good cultural fit

Step 3
Statement of Work

We develop a customized statement of work to achieve the desired outcomes with agreed to timeframes and costs

Step 4
Quick Start

Your CMO gets started in days, working month to month, without a long-term commitment

Coaching for Marketing Executive Development

Accelerate the professional growth and impact of your marketing leadership

For mid-sized companies looking to maximize the impact of limited marketing resources, Chief Outsiders brings an experienced C-level executive coach to mentor the company’s marketing leader and make bigger things happen.

What Can You Expect?

Greater Contribution: Build your marketer’s strategic thinking

More Relevance: Link business and marketing strategy to tactics

Higher Accountability: Develop and implement more relevant metrics

Increased Clarity: Effectively communicate throughout your organization

C-level Experienced Coaches

  • Only Chief Outsiders offers a roster of “been there, done that” C-level marketing executives
  • Whether it’s mastering the skills of functional marketing, developing departmental leadership abilities, or simply making decisions more quickly, your Chief Outsider coach improves your marketer’s level of contribution and accelerate their professional growth

How Does It Work?


What Your Marketing Leader Gets

  • Weekly meetings with their CMO Coach executive mentor to discuss key initiatives, challenges, organizational issues, communications opportunities, relationship situations.
  • Ad-hoc access to their CMO Coach as things pop up during the week
  • Access to other CMOs in Chief Outsiders to build their perspective and professional network
  • Access to the Chief Outsiders Marketing Professionals online community

Why It Works

Combining the inside day-to-day responsibilities of your marketing leader who responsible for leading the marketing charge and delivering results, with a seasoned marketing executive who’s “been there, done that” for decades, is the perfect formula for professional growth and as a result, business impact.

The Right CMO

Every situation and person is diff erent. Chief Outsiders will pair your marketing lead with a CMO who has the experience that matches their marketing development needs.

How You Meet

The rhythm of a weekly one-hour meeting creates a tight professional focus. The use of SKYPE or other similar video meeting technology allows your marketing lead to meet with the properly matched CMO from anywhere in the country.

When You Meet

Meeting weekly ensures a solid rhythm for discussing top priorities and related issues. In addition, quarterly check-ins with the CEO or supervisor keeps everyone on the same page and allows the company to track progress in professional development.


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