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Dana Prestigiacomo

Works with B2B technology, professional services and SaaS companies to develop growth and market strategies to maximize opportunities in current and new markets. Specialized marketing expertise in acquisitions and divestitures.

About Dana Prestigiacomo

Dana helps early stage startups, midsized privately held and large Fortune 100 B2B companies develop and execute strategic programs that accelerate growth. With over 25 years of executive management and marketing success, Dana understands the challenges and opportunities of established category leaders as well as new entrants. Blending competitive and customer insights with company goals, she develops effective short and long-term strategies, delivering efficient and effective plans and programs to drive growth through both direct and channel models. She has specific marketing expertise in developing and leading the execution of acquisitions and divestitures in all size companies.

How Dana has Helped Businesses Grow

  • Supported a very successful IPO of an $8 billion company, developing and executing a rebranding, messaging and web strategy at Thomson Reuters.
  • Developed and the led successful integration of numerous acquisitions and divestitures into company branding, messaging and marketing campaigns/programs.
  • Drove a 200% increase in high value leads through integrated marketing campaigns targeted “to and through” channel sales at Datto.
  • Started a shift in the IBM brand perception towards a more nimble, modern, and people-oriented company that served SMB as well as Fortune 500 companies. Developed and led the IBM brand strategy and brand intent, acquisition branding, co-branding, naming and new emerging brand opportunities.
  • Drove a 10X increase in high value sales leads with two-thirds of customers buying from marketing influenced programs at CA Technologies.
  • Realized 200%+ of goals for a new PR and Communication program targeting key national and technology influencers (e.g. Fortune, Forbes, CNBC Squawkbox, Techcrunch, eWeek, etc.).

Client Resources

Executive Experience

  • VP Global Marketing, Datto
  • SVP Marketing, ExaGrid
  • SVP Global Marketing, Intralinks
  • VP Marketing/CMO, Acronis
  • SVP Worldwide Field Marketing, CA Technologies
  • SVP, Corporate Marketing and Communications/CMO, Thomson Reuters Learning Division
  • Director Corporate Brand Strategy, IBM

Clients Served

  • Apptega ( Cybersecurity)
  • Infinitive (Technology Management Consulting)
  • VOGSY (Information Technology and Services)
  • PeriscopeIQ (Information Technology & Services)
  • ComplianceLine (Information Technology & Services)
  • iWave (Information Technology, SaaS Nonprofit Market)
  • Tufin (Cybersecurity)


Bachelor of Arts, University of California, Davis


"Dana did a fantastic job over the months she has worked with us.  From organizing and scheduling press releases and webinars to installing and customizing HubSpot, to launching large-scale e-mail campaigns, to reworking our advertising campaigns, Dana has left a positive, indelible impression on Infinitive.

Dana not only performed the tasks at hand, but she also taught us the what’s, why’s and how’s of the effort."
Don Rippert, Infinitive

"In November 2019 Dana, a member of Chief Outsiders, joined our company as a contract CMO position to start getting acquainted and oriented to running the iWave marketing function as our current VP of Marketing was preparing for her maternity leave. In February 2020 Dana assumed the role as head of our marketing function and shortly thereafter we were confronted with the business effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which among other things, required an immediate major pivot of our marketing strategy and plans for the remainder of 2020. 

Drawing on her experience and with thoughtfulness, patience, and a steady hand, Dana guided our marketing function and staff through a very challenging year. We are very grateful for the leadership, commitment, and diligence Dana displayed to iWave every single day over the past year (and many, many weekend days)! 

Dana has proven she can get right into the trenches and then easily transitions to a very high strategic level when the situation calls for it. Dana is one of the most versatile marketing executives I've had the pleasure of working with and would highly recommend her for any Marketing assignment, whether short or long term."
Ross Beattie - President and CEO, iWave 

"I have been impressed with Dana's dedication to work and trying to keep us on schedule. She is also working hard to understand our business, which shows her commitment to doing quality work."
Dr. Pawan Singh – CEO, PeriscopeIQ

"So far Dana has helped us think through some complex marketing and positioning issues that we are facing as we take the PIQ business into new areas. This has been a challenging process but it's been good to have an outsider's perspective at the table."
James Moss - Investor, PeriscopeIQ

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Industry Experience
  • Nonprofit
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Growth Strategy
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • AI
  • Acquisitions and Divestitures
  • Channel Strategy
  • Positioning and Messaging
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