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Dawn Werry

Partner & CMO
Works with industrial and B2B companies to discover untapped growth opportunities, using insights to develop and launch products that meet emerging market needs.

About Dawn Werry

Dawn is a Chief Outsiders Partner and CMO based in Richmond, Virginia. She helps B2B companies understand the market forces impacting the business and uses those insights to inform every customer touchpoint. A change agent for her clients, Dawn strongly advocates a company-wide customer-focused culture, measuring the impact of marketing, closely aligning marketing and sales to activate the buying process and focus marketing resources on a few initiatives that truly create competitive advantage.

How Dawn has Helped Businesses Grow

  • Increased eCommerce revenue by 3x in 3 months with new digital agency, PPC strategy, and web platform fixes.
  • Increased leads 26% with a content marketing program into a new target market.
  • Grew e-commerce business 15x in less than one year through search and customer expansion.
  • Drove 94% annual increase in core business revenue with new product portfolio initiative.
  • Drove over $10 million in new business annually by implementing a customer experience program.
  • Increased brand licensing royalty 25-35% per year by creating brand licensing strategy and negotiating new agreements.
  • Achieved 80% recognition as an “innovation” leader within two years by re-positioning textile giant.
  • Reduced slow-moving inventory by 50% through targeted sales activation programs.
  • Awarded “Supplier Excellence” award for leading a complex post-acquisition product rationalization and integration.
  • Reduced $1 million of re-work costs per year by networking company-wide communications functions.

Client Resources

Client Case Studies

Executive Experience

  • VP, Global Marketing at Brink’s
  • VP, Marketing at Milliken
  • Global Marketing Leader at DuPont

Clients Served

  • Shag Tools (eCommerce)
  • Forecast 3D (3D Printing)
  • Majestic Kitchen + Bath (Building Materials)
  • Cortex Building Intelligence (Prop Tech)
  • NextPoint (Bearings)
  • Wearwell, Inc. (Ergonomic Flooring)
  • Appraisal MC, LLC (Real Estate Appraisals)
  • Panova (Rubber)
  • Bemis Associates Inc. (Chemicals)
  • CreditXpert Inc. (Credit Software)
  • Tidewater Power Equipment Company (Wholesale Equipment)
  • Land & Coates (Retail Equipment)
  • AeroGo Inc. (Machinery)
  • Hercules Fluid Power Group (Fluid Power)
  • Interstate Batteries (Industrial Batteries)
  • West Cary Group LLC (Marketing and Advertising)
  • Innovative Office Products, LLC (Furniture)
  • Storage Battery Systems (Industrial Batteries)
  • Nolan Power Group (Industrial Batteries)
  • Radix (Wire and Cable)
  • Trystar (Oil and Energy)
  • Protos Security (Security and Investigations)
  • Crockett Facilities Services (Engineering Services)
  • Becrock Quartz (Building Materials)
  • Smith Midland (Construction Materials)
  • Keeping Current Matters (Real Estate)
  • Safety Management Group (Business Services)


  • MBA, Management, Marketing, Penn State
  • BChE, Chemical Engineering, University of Dayton


“I have always been impressed with her ability to link her work to the underlying business issues and provide strategic direction to the organization.”

Wayne Robertshaw, Principal

"Dawn intuitively understands where marketing can make the most impact, giving her the uncommon ability to build and lead teams that deliver exceptional results for the organization, right from the start."

Tiffany Duncan, Marketing Communications Director

“She takes the current situation and builds on it in a positive way, to drive the bottom line and effectively brand the company.“

David Simon, Director of Business Development

“She has led by example, challenging us to think and act differently about understanding the business environment and customer needs.“

Dale Hobson, Business Development and Strategy Director

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Industry Experience
  • Building and Construction
  • Real Estate Services
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Product Innovation
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Sales Funnel Activation
  • Results Measurement
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