Executive Marketing Positions

  • Chief Innovation Officer, Momentus (a Softvision company)
  • President/COO of Parrot N.A. (French wireless and drone company)
  • Vice President, Solutions Marketing, SUN Microsystems (now Oracle)
  • Global Director of Marketing, Motorola


  • BSEE, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, MA
  • Executive MBA, University of Texas, Austin, TX
  • Entrepreneur Leadership Program: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Stanford, CA


  • Increase customer acquisition and profitable growth by optimizing Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX). Co-create a high-impact customer journey with actionable insights for a customer-centric culture.
  • Increase revenue, retention and referrals with Digital Transformation strategies in Content Marketing, Competitive Intelligence, Sales/Marketing alignment, Product Lifecycle Management and Customer Service.
  • Create a sustainable competitive advantage by accelerating innovation, reducing time-to-market, minimizing disruption and evaluating Build vs. Buy scenarios in launching new products/services.
  • Expand to International Markets: Maximize growth opportunities and minimize potential pitfalls of international marketing through global distribution and strategic partnerships.
  • Develop Growth Strategies and implement Business/Marketing Plans with Go-to-Market Strategies.
  • B2B and B2C: Retail, SaaS/PaaS, Mobile Tech/Software, Telecom/IT, Edtech and Emerging Tech (IoT, AR, VR, AI, Blockchain, etc.) with a CX/UX focus.

How Ed Can Grow Your Business

  • Strengthen Brand value and increase customer acquisition by optimizing Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) and mapping the customer journey.
  • Accelerate Innovation and reduce time to market in launching new products/services by developing and leveraging an adaptive business ecosystem.
  • Develop Digital Transformation strategies, capitalize on emerging digital technologies and ideate/test/implement innovative Business Models. Identify unique value propositions and integrate technologies that will deliver a compelling digital-enabled customer experience.
  • Enhance Omnichannel Marketing to ensure a consistent brand experience on multiple devices/media and scale the business.
  • Streamline Product/Service Portfolio to reduce time to market and decrease costs in developing a product roadmap based on performance-driven market research.
  • Align with the company vision to clarify company purpose and prioritize target markets to execute a marketing charter that can anticipate and satisfy client needs.
  • Expand international markets and strategic partnerships to drive growth.
  • Coach/Mentor marketing executives and/or partner with the leadership team to execute the vision, align marketing to corporate strategies, and achieve a measurable ROI on marketing.

Success Stories

  • Increased US sales by 10X and international sales by 2X within 3 years at Parrot. Launched it as a publicly traded company as a member of the IPO team and Board of Directors. Enabled the creation of the first Bluetooth™ products category/aisle at Top Retailers (Best Buy, Costco, etc.) and Telcos (AT&T, Verizon). Captured #1 market share in two consecutive years.
  • Defined market requirements, competitive positioning and pricing tiers to launch the first RAZR platform at Motorola. Achieved $1 billion in sales and reduced COGS in half from the previous mobile platform. Developed a roadmap for a joint project with Apple that evolved into the first iPhone. First to integrate fashion with function in the mobile industry by marketing stylish colorful phones for women.
  • Streamlined the Product/Service Portfolio of Sun Microsystems from 75 solutions to the Top 10 which are still being used at Oracle. Collaborating with GMs and CXOs, integrated the best components from Hardware, Software, Service and Storage; yielded $1 billion of incremental solutions sales in one year.
  • Consolidated multiple solutions and channels of a major software development firm into a Mobile First retail focus with omnichannel applications. Enhanced the CX and UX of Retailers’ customers and increased sales by 30% in one year; led to the acquisition by a global digital experience corporation.
  • Redefined the Vision, Mission, Corporate Strategy and Implementation Plan with the executive leadership team of a large digital media provider for the Health, Insurance and Utility vertical markets. Yielded a 35% Year-on-Year sales revenue growth and led to a merger/acquisition.
  • Created the go-to-market strategy and SaaS price positioning for an innovative Edtech firm. Increased sales revenue by 2X and social media traction by 10X within one year. Increased publisher providers by 3X in one year and forged new strategic partnerships (e.g., College Board).
  • Mentored entrepreneurs and startup teams from seed stage through Series C, M&As and IPO to accelerate sales revenue growth, establish thought leadership, refine competitive positioning, improve CX/UX and develop exit strategies. Successfully coached two different startups that appeared and received funding on Shark Tank. Mentor at Techstars, Capital Factory and DivInc. Member of Central Texas Angel Network, one of the Top 5 angel networks in the US.

Ed Valdez Biography

Ed has over 25 years of high-tech executive experience in product development, marketing, sales and operations for Fortune 500 companies, SMBs and startups. He leverages field-proven Digital Transformation strategies that help companies align with the CEO's vision, clarify a company's purpose, and develop and implement a marketing charter that will accelerate profitable growth and increase retention and referrals. He has worked across several sectors (Retail, SaaS, MobileTech, Telecom/IT, etc.) to strengthen Brand value and increase customer acquisition by optimizing Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) as well as mapping the customer journey to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. In addition to working with SMBs, he has also launched international companies and successfully executed M&As and an IPO. The last two businesses Ed has worked with have been acquired. Ed has also consulted with Fortune 500 Corporate Venture Capital groups to accelerate innovation, refine their build vs. buy investment/acquisition strategy and leverage emerging technologies (AR, VR, AI, Blockchain, etc.) to diversify their business and increase revenue.

Ed was formerly Chief Innovation Officer at Momentus, an industry-leading design/development team that transforms consumer electronics into engaging experiences for Retail, Multimedia, IoT and other vertical markets (with Lululemon, Saks Fifth and other clients). He has served as VP of Solutions Marketing at SUN Microsystems (now Oracle) as well as President of Parrot, a French wireless innovator of drones (UAVs) and smartphone accessories. Ed was also Global Marketing Director at Motorola for the first generation RAZR platform. He has also accelerated the growth of many startups from seed stage through IPO. Two companies in his portfolio have received funding from Shark Tank.

Ed serves on the Board of Advisors for SXSW Interactive, SXSWedu and several Mobiletech, Edtech and SaaS startups. He is also a member of Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN) – one of the Top 5 angel networks in the US. He tracks mobile tech trends and has co-authored Samsung 3.0: Talent, Technology and Timing (now translated in Mandarin and Thai). Ed holds a BSEE from MIT and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. He also completed the Entrepreneur Leadership Program [Innovation and Entrepreneurship] at Stanford University Graduate School of Business.