Paul Sparrow

Area Managing Partner & CMO

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Executive Marketing Positions

  • Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, WebMD Transaction Services
  • Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Benefitfocus
  • Northeast Region Business Director; Product Director, Johnson & Johnson
  • Chief Manager & President, Huckleberry Farms LLC
  • Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Cambar Solutions
  • Vice President of Sales, GreenWizard

Client Testimonial

“Paul Sparrow and Chief Outsiders helped us understand where to place our time and effort, enabling us to move forward with confidence and a sound strategic plan, changing the way we work as a company.”

Brad Herrmann, President and Co-founder, Call-Em-All

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  • Bachelor of Arts, Mercer University


  • Deep experience in Healthcare. Other markets include Education (online, brick & mortar), Green & Sustainable Construction, Logistics, and the Gift Industry
  • Marketing SaaS and Cloud-based subscription software and services in B2B and B2C organizations
  • Integrated marketing through digital strategies that drive sales and grow revenue
  • Recalibration: Turning around stagnant marketing and sales leading to accelerated and sustainable growth
  • Building or re-organizing marketing and sales teams into measurable, high-performance revenue drivers
  • Introduction of brands, services and products to emerging markets
  • Growth catalyst for Turnarounds, Start-ups and Emerging Growth companies
  • Organizational development and scaling

How Paul Can Grow Your Business

  • Overcoming the challenges of rapid expansion, slowing growth, or declining sales
  • Establishing, strengthening or regaining market leadership
  • Designing marketing and business development strategies and execution paths that generate healthy revenue acceleration
  • Building scalable marketing and sales infrastructures
  • Establishing best practices that propel growth, including replicable systems and processes of high-performance teams
  • Developing and facilitating collaborative cross-functional teams that drive organizational alignment
  • Establishing cultural bench strength through collaborative recruiting, hiring and development of exceptional marketing and sales talent

Success Stories

  • Developed and launched Integrated Marketing product offering, generating >90% of company revenue.
  • Produced growth of 733% over baseline and a 189% increase over prior year sales at GreenWizard
  • From a baseline of $24M, drove Benefitfocus total annual revenue to an all-time high of $53M in less than 2 years
  • Converted failing subscriber-based revenue stream into an advertising and sponsorship model, generating sales and market responsiveness that led to Sapient Health Network’s acquisition by WebMD
  • Introduced strategic initiatives accounting for an 18% increase in market penetration, producing 10% of Huckleberry Farms gross revenues and yielding an ROI in excess of 200%
  • Through group reengineering and engagement staging at Cardean Learning Group, generated > 30% growth in enrollments, and new student retention increases of >25%
  • Led product integration and business unit reorganization by segmenting offerings and communications into a distinct regional focus. Aligned products to small and large markets, generating a 20% increase in sales while surpassing WebMD Transaction Services’ $255M plan

Paul Sparrow Biography

A skilled marketing & business development executive, Paul Sparrow is adept at formulating and leading aggressive strategies, building scalable infrastructures, executing effective market penetration, and exceeding corporate revenue plans. Over his career, he has provided sound strategic planning and practical execution of innovative initiatives that consistently generate sales and revenue. He is a steady and collaborative strategist, problem solver, encourager, and contributor.

Sparrow has been involved in a variety of organizational settings including Fortune 50, Emerging Growth, Start-Ups, and Turnarounds. As an equity partner, he has also operated a small company as Chief Executive.

His career encompasses 17 years in healthcare and 12 years in SaaS and Cloud software. Additionally, he has engaged in a diverse mix of experiences including the green & sustainable construction space, warehouse management and logistics, gift manufacturing and distribution, and higher education online learning.

Sparrow has simultaneously held executive positions in marketing and sales, and the coupling of those disciplines has coalesced into a unique approach to corporate business development.

Passionate about healthy organizational alignment, talent management, and people development, he is an expert in scaling and growing organizations while driving bottom line results in the short or mid-term. Sparrow is skilled at building, developing, and managing high performing teams and in advancing long-term succession planning.

Throughout his career, he has consistently diagnosed the barriers standing between a company and its market goals, and he is adept at building and executing strategies that swing obstacles into opportunities. He offers a disciplined business approach with practical creativity and innovation. Outside of business, Sparrow is a leader in the men’s ministry at Seacoast Church, where he serves as a congregational elder. An Eagle Scout, he’s an avid outdoorsman who enjoys backpacking, hunting, and camping. He’s also a rabid SEC football fan. He lives in the Charleston, SC area with his wife and two children.


“Paul Sparrow is a fantastic guy and great mentor. He has kept us focused and our sales efforts on point. We aren't currently in need of a full-time CMO and Paul is the perfect fractional solution.”

Stanfield Gray, Founder & CEO, Dig South

“Paul Sparrow is extremely talented, supportive, and well informed.  He has done a great job getting to know my business in a rather short period of time, and his contributions have been extremely beneficial for us.”

Michael Steuer, CEO, Midsouth Pain Treatment Center

“Paul’s strength is in being able to understand your business and the problem, dive in and do all the research, present the available options, and help you make the right decision,”  

Hai Nguyen, Vice President of Engineering and Co-founder, Call-Em-All 

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