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Ed Valdez

Partner & CMO
Works with AI, SaaS, IT/Telecom, EdTech and emerging technology companies to accelerate B2B/B2C growth with agile marketing, data-driven sprints, and go-to-market playbooks.

About Ed Valdez

Ed is a metric-driven CMO who enables growth that is powered by data (Voice of Customer-focused), scaled by automation and optimized with analytics. Six of the companies Ed has worked with during the last two years have been acquired or received their next round of funding as a result of go-to-market strategies and playbooks that led to measurable growth.

How Ed has Helped Businesses Grow

  • Increased US sales 10X and international sales 2X within 3 years at Parrot. Enabled the creation of the first Bluetooth™ products category/aisle at top retailers and telcos. Led US executive team that helped drive the launch of the IPO.
  • Achieved $1 billion in sales and reduced COGS by half from the previous mobile platform launching the first RAZR platform at Motorola. Defined global market requirements, competitive positioning and pricing tiers. Developed a roadmap for a joint project with Apple that evolved into the first iPhone.
  • Increased sales 30% in one year by consolidating multiple solutions and channels of a major software development firm into a mobile first retail focus for Lululemon, Neiman Marcus and other top retailers.
  • Generated 35% year-on-year sales revenue growth that led to an acquisition by redefining the vision, mission, corporate strategy and executing the implementation plan of a large digital media provider for the health, insurance and utility markets.
  • Mentored entrepreneurs and startup teams from seed stage through Series C, M&As and IPO to accelerate sales revenue growth, establish thought leadership, refine competitive positioning, improve CX/UX and develop exit strategies. Also worked with Fortune 500 Corporate Venture Capital teams to define and execute startup investment/acquisition strategies. Helped raise over $100 million for many startups/SMBs including two that received Shark Tank funding.

Client Resources

Executive Experience

  • Chief Innovation Officer, Momentus (a Softvision company)
  • President/COO of Parrot N.A. (French wireless and drone company)
  • VP, Solutions Marketing, SUN Microsystems (now Oracle)
  • Global Director of Marketing, Motorola

Clients Served

  • expert.ai (Practical AI for B2B)
  • Canvass AI (Industrial Automation)
  • Academic Partnerships (HigherEd E-learning)
  • Relearnit (HigherEd E-learning)
  • Increff (Retail SaaS)
  • Ntirety (Multi-Cloud Managed Services)
  • Doxy.me (Telehealth)
  • Salient Systems (Security Solutions)
  • Bullseye Telecom (Managed Services, Cybersecurity)
  • Biomedical Music Solutions (Healthcare)
  • BlockWave (No-Code Software)
  • Revealix (Medical App)
  • Fit Plan (Fitness App)
  • FinHous (Real Estate SaaS)
  • Solugenix (IT Solutions, Staffing)


  • BSEE, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, MA
  • Executive MBA, University of Texas, Austin, TX
  • Entrepreneur Leadership Program: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Stanford, CA


"Ed was an indispensable partner to me as I prepared my company for its most transformative stage of growth yet. He hit the ground running, having an almost immediate impact on our top of funnel while pushing our Marketing team members to become data-driven decision makers.

Ed was a key strategic resource for me as I completely reimagined our Go-to-Market function, and he was pivotal as I hired experienced GTM leaders who are now executing based on the strong foundation that Ed helped build. Just one year after beginning our work with Ed, Mongoose’s key metrics are headed in the right direction — our pipeline is up over 100%, our revenue is up over 10%, and our win rate is up over 30%, and we’re confident that’s just a start.

I was very pleased to add Ed to our leadership team, where he added some much-needed experience. Some of my favorite experiences with Ed involved him recommending certain books and mental models to shift the way I was looking at data and, frankly, sometimes the way I was looking at life.”
Dave Marshall, Founder and President, Mongoose

"Ed’s impact to date has been immediate - he has jumped into a nice combo of tactical/quick wins and scaled up to view 10K feet and start putting the right scaffolding in place. In addition, Ed has offered valuable improvements on processes. Our engagement has gone even better than expected (and expectations were high based on initial impressions). Ed is a good communicator. Chief Outsiders is also strong in their communications."
Ginny Wood, COO, Relearnit

"Given his metric-driven approach to marketing, Ed developed an integrated go-to-market plan that helped us increase top-of-funnel lead generation. By standardizing omnichannel marketing, Ed set the basis for our transition from Expert System to expert.ai. Ed aligns marketing with sales enablement to improve customer experience: transforming market insights to business impact."Luca Scagliarini, Chief Product Officer, expert.ai
"I thought I knew a lot about marketing. Ed Valdez has opened my eyes to a much deeper, more meaningful world of marketing metrics, SEO, and analytics. And I’m a better marketer for it. Thank you, Ed, for leaving an impression of increase wherever you go."
Courtney Deinert, COO, Canvass AI

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Industry Experience Specialties
  • Growth Strategy
  • Sales/Marketing Automation/MarTech
  • Demand Generation
  • AI
  • Marketing/Sales Playbooks
  • Funding, M&As and Exit Strategy
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