Meet our CMOs and CSOs

Our Fractional Executives have worked on management teams of 2,000+ clients.

We hire less than 5% of the more than 1,000 go-to-market leaders who apply to be a Chief Outsider each year. Our CMOs and CSOs have led marketing or sales at large organizations, including Disney, SAP, WebMD, Philips, Express Scripts, and MasterCard. Our value is using this experience to help you accelerate growth.Logo Parade 2023 (1)

Unique to Chief Outsiders is our Peer Review process. In a Peer Review, your fractional executive presents your growth strategy to multiple CMOs or CSOs for feedback. In this structured session, each attending fractional executive will make one recommendation to improve the plan. All Chief Outsider clients can ask for a Peer Review.

    All of our executives work with clients nationwide