Case Study: Network IP

Company Focus with “Sweet Service” Bring Long Distance Service Company into Limelight


  • NetworkIP is an international long distance services business that was faced with slow growth, vast competition, little awareness and an unclear perception of their company. From a marketing standpoint, NetworkIP, did a “little bit of everything.” There were straightforward trade ads and presentations produced by the sales team, but there was no consistent brand focus and no strategic marketing plan in place.


  • network-ip-logoChief Outsiders added marketing leadership staffing, created an annual marketing plan, developed a new and more contemporary company logo, new trade ads, a new trade show display, new collateral, new uniform sales presentations, and an innovative direct delivery door-opener to help get meetings with prospect company CEOs--all focused on superior service.


  • New “Sweet Service” campaign brought enterprise-wide focus to the company
  • 74% increase in response rate (targeting C-suite prospects)
  • Double digit lead generation gains at trade shows
  • 20% growth overall

Even B2B Selling of International Long Distance services can benefit from creativity and strong branding





Jim McDonald

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