Executive Marketing Positions

  • Chief Marketing and Product Officer at GoodData Corporation
  • Advisory Board Member at ComLinked and ConceptShare
  • CEO at Selectica Inc.
  • Chief Product (Marketing) Officer at Mindjet LLC
  • Chief Marketing Officer at Lyris Inc.
  • GM and VP Marketing & Strategy at Corel Inc.
  • Manager, Worldwide Research & Planning at Adobe Systems
  • VP Marketing at Alcheme Ltd.
  • Analyst at Gartner Research, Inc.
  • Founder at Turning Point Software Inc.


  • MBA in Strategy from Athabasca University (Canada)
  • B.Comm. (BBA) in Marketing from University of Alberta


  • B2B go-to-market strategy
  • Market research, intelligence, and industry analyst relations
  • Due diligence for M&A, including market and company assessment
  • Product marketing and positioning
  • Business model transition - especially to XaaS (Something-as-a-Service)
  • Demand generation including account-based marketing (ABM) focused on powerfully integrating multiple channels
  • International market expansion (Europe and Asia)

How Blaine Can Grow Your Business

  • Understanding and sizing market opportunities for existing or new solutions
  • Translating the feedback of prospects and current customers into actionable insights
  • Building beneficial relationships with industry and financial analysts
  • Setting a clear vision, mission, and overall corporate strategy (including business model transitions, with particular focus on building ‘something-as-a-service’ models)
  • Developing a focused positioning for your product or service (including target market, competitive differentiation, and customer benefits)
  • Converting your market positioning into clear and simple messaging for sales and marketing to execute against
  • Building an appropriate and powerful go-to-market plan that connects to the strategy and positioning and gets your message heard
  • Developing pricing models that maximize revenue and profitability
  • Designing and assembling marketing teams (internal and/or outsourced) to most effectively execute the go-to-market plan
  • Setting up systems, tools, and processes to enable the measurement and optimization of marketing and sales effectiveness

Success Stories

  • As Gartner's first internet-focused analyst, Blaine created Gartner's e-commerce market sizing and forecasts. Learned the ins and outs of how companies can effectively work with analysts. Consulted with multiple clients (Safeway, Cars.com, etc.) during first dot-com boom to set and clarify their internet-focused strategies. 
  • During his time at Adobe, owned analyst relations with a dozen major analyst firms. Worked with Adobe’s corporate marketing and product teams to ensure the company was well-positioned in numerous analyses and reports. Ultimately, strategic work contributed to the repositioning and transformation of Adobe towards cloud solutions and recurring revenue models.
  • At Corel, Blaine created and implemented an innovative go-to-market plan for a newly acquired business unit. By driving the adoption of a different distribution channel, revenue increase by 25% to over $40M in approximately one year.
  • Hired as CMO at Lyris to transform their legacy products into a new SaaS solution. Blaine led both marketing and product teams to create, position, and launch new SaaS marketing system, driving recurring revenue from $0 to $20M in 24 months.
  • While CEO at Selectica (Nasdaq listed public company) Blaine took over a 15 year old company in a slow-growing space. Refocused core strategy and positioning, and developed updated messaging and marketing plan. Ultimately expanded the offering (through both organic market growth and acquisitions) to encompass a faster growing market segment. Rebuilt excitement internally and made it a cool place to work. Result was a return to growth after years of flat/declining business.
  • As head of Product Marketing at Mindjet, Blaine drove the transformation of a legacy business model that needed to be shifted to new target markets and pricing models. Reshaped entire global business to focus away from individual buyers and towards larger enterprise clients. Result: over 2 years, shifted from 20% recurring business through large clients to over 80%.
  • GoodData's big-data analytics platform was generically applicable to many use-cases in highly competitive market. As CMO, Blaine dramatically refocused their solution positioning towards a new market segment and rebuilt the go-to-market model from scratch focused around the latest account based marketing (ABM) methodologies. This led to largest quarter and biggest single deal in GoodData's history.

Blaine Mathieu Biography

In the early 1980’s - at the dawn of the PC revolution - Blaine began his business and marketing career at the age of 14, starting Turning Point Software Inc., which developed, marketed, and sold accounting software to large enterprises and accounting firms across Canada. 

During that time, Blaine completed his undergraduate degree from the Business Faculty at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. From there, he continued to launch and expand a number of business ventures, including Turning Point Trading (automated trading systems for financial instruments); Futurekids Computer Learning Centers (after-school computer lessons franchise); and The Diving Experience (retail store focused on adventure travel). 

While completing his MBA during the mid-1990’s, the dot-com boom was beginning to bubble and Blaine responded by launching the website killerstrategy.com. This site (basically a ‘blog’ before blogs existed) contained “analysis of emerging business models and marketing practices for the internet economy.” For a number of years through the late 90’s and early 2000’s, this site remained the number one result for searches on terms like “internet strategy” and “ecommerce”. 

Finding this site almost simultaneously in 1998, both Amazon.com and Gartner Research contacted Blaine about potentially joining them. While the Amazon proposal was enticing, Blaine wanted to get to Silicon Valley and so he joined as Gartner/Dataquest’s first internet-focused analyst, building Gartner’s initial models for forecasting global e-commerce and predicting the future of online retail intermediaries like the Amazon Marketplace, Google Shopping and others. 

After a brief stint as an executive at a small personalization startup during the dot-com bust, Blaine joined Adobe where he built its market intelligence team, serving as a central function for the product business units and corporate marketing. This was at the time when Adobe was just determining how to transition from legacy software company to the cloud-based, recurring revenue juggernaut that it is today. 

Soon Corel came calling – at that time a direct competitor to Adobe – and Blaine joined to start its market intelligence group. Eventually, after Corel was purchased by San Francisco-based private equity firm Vector Capital, Blaine took on increasing roles as VP Integrated Marketing and then General Manager of various companies that Vector/Corel performed due diligence on, acquired, and integrated.

By this time, the SaaS business model was taking hold and Blaine joined Lyris to help create and launch a new ‘integrated online marketing suite’ and transition the company to a recurring revenue model. Subsequent to that, Blaine took on a similar mandate at Mindjet, helping to transform that company’s solution-set, core positioning, and go-to-market model.

After Mindjet merged with Spigit Software, Blaine moved on to become CEO of Nasdaq-listed public company Selectica. Once there, Blaine led the dramatic reshaping of the company’s position in the market that also included raising $30M of capital and acquiring two companies to expand its global market presence. After Selectica, Blaine joined well-regarded Business Intelligence company GoodData as CMO to also help reshape the company’s market offering and implement the latest in ‘account based marketing’ demand generation programs.


“When I was looking to focus my company's positioning and go-to-market model, the expertise that Blaine provided was invaluable and directly contributed to the market leadership position of Aconex.”

Leigh Jasper, CEO, Aconex


“As Deskera looks to dominate the mid-market ERP segment, Blaine provided highly critical insight into our product positioning.”

Cameron Ackbury, President, Deskera


“Blaine has the unique skill-set that combines strategic thinking, solid leadership and a clear understanding of what it takes to conceive of and build a successful business. He is an effective advisor regarding all aspects of marketing and growing a technology-based business.”

Richard Caballero, Founder, ComLinked


“Blaine has the ability to quickly absorb a vast amount of information, deeply understand customer needs and emerging market trends to develop strategic priorities and marketing plans that position products and companies for both short-term revenue target achievement and long-term competitive advantage.”

Nish Patel, CEO, ConceptShare


“Given my experience with Blaine helping to clarify both the strategy and go-to-market model of Lyris while I was CEO, I'm confident that virtually any business could benefit from his help.”

Luis Rivera, former CEO, Lyris