Executive Marketing Positions

  • Chief Marketing Officer, Bare Necessities
  • Chief Marketing Officer, Vice President of Marketing, Lane Bryant
  • Vice President, Brand Marketing & Creative, Ross-Simons
  • Director, Brand Marketing & Creative, Brookstone
  • Creative Director, Char-Broil
  • Divisional Creative Director, The Home Depot

How Jay Can Help Your Business

  • Run A Better Business: Fortune 500 eCommerce Business Strategy & Execution to Drive Growth Now.
  • Drive More Sales: Proven Conversion Strategies to Drive Incremental Sales Growth.
  • Make More Profit: Reporting, Analysis and Promotional Planning to Manage Marketing and Vendor Expense for Maximum ROI.
  • Convert More Traffic: eCommerce and Website Strategies That Turn Traffic into Transactions.
  • Grow Your Customer Base: Acquisition, Retention, and Win-Back Strategies.
  • Maximize Digital Marketing: Paid Search, Organic Search, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Advertising, and Retargeting Strategies.
  • Sell More Products: Critical Conversion, Cross-Category, and Post-Purchase Marketing Strategies to Drive AOV and Incremental Profit.
  • Stand Out Against the Competition: Branding, Brand Development, Value Positioning, and Differentiation Against Key Competitors.
  • Become a Household Name: Award-Winning Broadcast, DRTV, PR, Promotion, and Print Advertising Campaigns.
  • Work Smarter: Lean Six Sigma/ISO 9000-Based Operational Efficiency, Workflow, and Process Improvement.
  • Invest in Talent: Mentoring to Existing Marketing, Web/eCommerce and Creative Teams for Higher Productivity & Contribution.

Success Stories

  • Full-Race Motorsports: Increased eCommerce gross sales 424% YOY in the first 6 months.
  • PK Safety: Increased eCommerce gross profit 20% YOY in the first 6 months.
  • City Chic: Increased eCommerce gross sales 75% and gross profit 37% in 12 months. Increased orders 95% and customer acquisition 40%.
  • Bare Necessities: Led eCommerce intimate apparel company to 76% growth in 29 months through aggressive integrated marketing strategies, eCommerce improvements, and operational transformations.
  • Lane Bryant: Developed and executed well-known national marketing campaign for Lane Bryant’s Cacique apparel line that went viral, driving over $43M in earned media. Brandweek named it the Top Marketing Campaign of 2010.
  • Char-Broil: Collaborated to develop company’s “Keepers of the Flame” national branding campaign that drove unaided brand awareness from 19% to 62% in three years via broadcast, print, and public relations, resulting in significant sales growth and market share increases.

Jay Dunn Biography

Jay Dunn is a true 21st Century CMO who understands the psychology and shopping behavior of the “always connected” consumer.

Specifically, Jay is an expert in maximizing the tools of the digital age to drive incremental sales and customer growth for B2B and B2C companies, regardless of size.

Specializing in eCommerce, retail, and digital marketing (paid search, SEO, email marketing, retargeting, affiliates, video, content, social media, and social advertising), Jay’s expertise has resulted in remarkable increases in incremental sales, gross profit, customer growth, and turning B2C websites into sales engines and B2B sites to centers of lead generation.

Jay brings the added advantage of a strong creative and editorial writing background, innovative problem-solving skills, plus a relentless focus on continuous improvement, workflow, and process efficiencies for many diverse industries.

From start-up to mid-sized to Fortune 500 businesses, B2B to retail to eCommerce, Jay has partnered with CEOs and their leadership teams to deliver highly-effective solutions which have driven significant results for some of the world’s best-known companies – The Home Depot, Brookstone, Lane Bryant, Bare Necessities, Char-Broil, PK Safety, and City Chic.

Jay is an accomplished thought leader; co-author of “The Art of Social Sales,” published by Oracle; has served as a contributing writer to Social Media Today; and is an in-demand speaker, delivering keynote addresses for the National Retail Federation, Shop.org, CRMC, Money 20/20, and Internet Retailer’s IRCE conference, among others, on the ever-changing business of marketing.

Jay is a business and marketing advisor to the founders of technology company, Jebbit, sits on the CRMC Advisory Board, and has held board positions at Global Retail Marketing Association, National Retail Federation, and the Zimmerman Advertising Program at the University of South Florida.



"We are an e-commerce company, and Jay Dunn is the real deal. He is bringing us value beyond expectations. I appreciate the willingness to roll up the sleeves and get things done."
Rick Pedley, CEO, PK Safety

"Jay is the epitome of a marketing professional.  His experience and creative approaches deliver results.  A true passion for problem-solving, Jay sees the big picture and knows how to effectively drill down to what matters.  Level-headed, no ego, and committed to setting and achieving goals, Jay will continue to be our fractional CMO for years to come."
Geoff Racier, CEO, Full Race Motorsports

"Jay Dunn helped get the City Chic team focused on the components of driving eCommerce growth. He took charge of the team, taught them his techniques for “running a better business,” and the results speak for themselves. He’s a true expert and a pleasure to work with."
Phil Ryan, President, City Chic

"Jay is not just a master at building and optimizing an organization, he has that rare combination of blending both right and left brain skills. One moment he's dissecting and solving complex process challenges, the next moment he's creating a multi-channel marketing campaign for a nationwide product roll-out. He's a problem solver, creative force, and untiring motivator."
Michael Rand, CEO, MotionRoad Productions

"Jay is a serious thinker, forward-looking, very knowledgeable, and, significantly, knows when to question trends and figure out what works and what doesn't, and even dream up alternatives."  
Bill Siwicki, Managing Editor HIMSS Media, Adjunct Faculty DePaul University

"Generally speaking, “courage” is not a word you see on most people’s resumes. But it certainly should occupy a few lines on Jay Dunn’s bio. Working with Jay, I experienced a true creative partnership and collaboration. Where the boundaries of where the client ends and agency begins blur. Where the line between strategy and creative execution become invisible."
David Nathanson, EVP, Chief Creative Officer, Zimmerman Advertising

"Jay is one of those rare individuals that has both the required 'eye' and an 'ear' for the effective creative concepts that worked for our business as well as the solid operational chops it took to turn an unproductive group of individuals into a massively productive & creative 'team'."
David Laituri, CEO, One Hundred Company

"Jay Dunn is an accomplished creative visionary and social media pioneer. He is a master of the Big Idea in addition to being a very collaborative leader. He is also strong in simplifying process - which enables smooth and efficient program execution."
Rocky Hansler, CEO, MainStream Digital Corporation

"Jay Dunn has remarkable ears. In a very noisy industry, he filters out the jabber and seizes upon the smart and innovative ways to engage. Jay has an uncanny gift for listening — really listening. He is unafraid to experiment."
Denise Power, Director IRCE

"Jay is a remarkable business person and one of the top creative visionaries in retail marketing and advertising."
Stephanie Fischer, CEO, Global Retail Marketing Association

"Hmm, what can I say about a marketing pro who created the most effective PR and ad campaign of the year worth millions upon millions of dollars and actually “gets” social media? I've been fortunate enough to see Jay in action in person, on the radio and online, and he is one of the most accomplished marketing executives I know."
Eve Mayer, CEO, Social Media Delivered

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