Executive Marketing Positions:

  • VP Marketing, 7th Level
  • VP Marketing, istation
  • Dir. Marketing, JP Mobile, Inc.
  • Dir. Product Marketing and Training, Mobileware Corp.
  • Dir. Product Marketing and Training, Micrografx
  • Director Marketing, Wordware Publishing


  • BS, University of Texas at Austin


  • Technology, software, education, entertainment, manufacturing and publishing
  • Growth strategies and marketing plan development and implementation
  • Brand, positioning and messaging development
  • Strategic content marketing
  • Go-to-market and implementation plans tied to strategy
  • Corporate and product awareness by integrating content marketing, public relations and digital marketing

Where Kenni Can Help Your Business

  • Developing strategy and delivering effective marketing plans
  • Increasing revenues through a personalized public awareness plan to maintain, grow and engage your customer base
  • Creating branding and key messages that resonate with your target market
  • Working with your cross-functional teams to create and implement product launch plans with purpose

Success Stories

  • Launched more than 40 products and services to record sales, broad coverage by key influencers and numerous Product of the Year and Fast Tech 50 awards
  • Worked with a hosting company on launch, media blitz and opening day event of Ellis Island National Center, resulting in #1 search item on launch day
  • Partnered with Virgin Records America and British Consulate to promote all-time best-selling comedy software gameMonty Python’s Complete Waste of Time game
  • Successful launches, events and promotions with Microsoft, Compaq (now Hewlett Packard), Disney Interactive, HIT Entertainment, Broderbund, Epcot Center, HEAD Racquet Sports and Chuck E. Cheese (with promotional video of Howie Mandel)
  • Industry judge, featured speaker, best-selling author and international award winner for marketing writing

Kenni Driver Biography

Kenni Driver, who began her career as an award-winning elementary teacher, has spent more than 20 years as a successful marketing executive,  increasing sales, forming cohesive teams and gaining broad awareness for companies and their products. In addition to her work as a Chief Outsider, she has also led her own firm, Driver Public Relations, for more than 10 years. Driver started Driver Public Relations to work as a fractional CMO mainly with technology companies, working with teams on creating and communicating strategic, launch and marketing plans. Driver has used her successful method of creating corporate and product awareness through the integration of content marketing, public relations and social media.

Prior to her joining our organization, Driver served as Vice President Marketing for a new online education and assessment company called istation. Here she developed branding, key messaging, promotional content and publicity campaigns for the product. Because the product automatically branched users to different areas depending on their learning needs, it was difficult to present. Driver scripted an animated product that allowed employees to present the product easily and effectively while ensuring consistent messaging. The result was broader distribution and increased sales and publicity.

Driver had already worked for istation's CEO when he was running 7th Level, a multimedia games and education software company. As Vice President Marketing, Driver conducted the launch of several titles in the "Lil’ Howie" series (starring Howie Mandel) as well as the Monty Python series of games that made 7th Level the industry's media and retail darling. Driver is credited with many industry firsts that drove publicity and sales. The popularity of these best-selling products made them a prominent feature of hundreds of magazine covers and articles. With exceptional products and marketing in place, the company went public.

Driver had come to 7th Level from positions as Director Marketing at JP Mobile and Mobileware. Between 1994 and 1996 she rebranded both of these companies, partnered with Compaq on a worldwide video promotion and developed ad, event marketing and publicity campaigns.

At Micrografx, the company that introduced the first-ever graphics software program for Windows, Driver formed a profitable training department with first-of-their-kind training solutions and courses highly praised and purchased by major corporations. After she was promoted to Director Product Marketing, Driver created a marketing plan format, requirements and processes that walked product marketing managers through how to be successful with input from and communications with the various departments. With the flagship products winning Best Product of the Year in their categories year after year, the company had a successful public offering.

Driver has served on numerous nonprofit boards. She currently serves on the USTA Texas Executive Committee and the Dallas Tennis Association’s board, where she is a past president. She holds a BS from the University of Texas at Austin.