Executive Marketing Positions

  • Senior Vice President, Product Management and Marketing – Korn Ferry International
  • Vice President, Marketing and Digital Development – World Book, a Berkshire Hathaway company
  • Divisional Vice President – ETA/Cuisenaire 


  • Innovate products and marketing for B2B organizations using digital strategies
  • Short and long term strategic planning to identify areas for rapid and significant growth
  • Experience in both large publically traded organizations as well as small/mid-sized companies
  • Innovative and creative approach that helps organizations evolve from traditional to modern marketing
  • Successful at crafting marketing messages that differentiate and resonate

Where Sean Can Help Your Company

  • Short term and long term strategic product and market planning to drive growth
  • Innovate and transform products and marketing to digital to increase customer reach and revenue
  • Analyze current product portfolio against industry trends to maintain revenue growth through lifecycle management
  • Cost effective market research to clarify unique selling propositions, brand positioning, and new product/marketing opportunities for growth

Success Stories

  • Developed and enhanced new digital e-commerce channels that doubled revenue
  • Developed and launched SaaS mobile products and apps that capitalized on increased market usage of these devices
  • Decreased digital development costs by more than 30% while increasing productivity
  • Transformed product launches through strategic planning and execution of online tactics that doubled revenue of targeted products
  • Developed multi-year product and market growth strategic plans that secured over $20 million in product development and marketing funds
  • Increased customer reach using viral video marketing strategies that generated over 1.4 million views
  • Marketing and competitive analysis that defined competitive unique selling propositions that disrupt competitors

Sean Klunder Biography 

Sean Klunder is a successful leader of product management and marketing, helping companies analyze markets and products to develop innovative short and long-term product development and marketing plans. He specializes in transforming companies products and marketing from “analog to digital”. As an executive member of organizations in Korn Ferry, World Book, and ETA/Cuisenaire, Sean is known for developing innovative growth strategies that disrupt markets and create more distance in competitive differentiation.  He is very well skilled in digital strategies that include e-commerce, social media, SEM, SEO, mobile marketing, and display advertising. 

Prior to joining the Chief Outsiders team, Sean most recent executive position was Senior Vice President, Product Management and Marketing at Korn Ferry International, a $1 billion recruiting and consulting organization,  where he identified new digital product offerings to drive growth and implemented aggressive digital marketing product launch initiatives that doubled growth of targeted offerings. Prior to Korn Ferry, Sean was Vice President of Marketing and Digital Development at a Berkshire Hathaway company, World Book.  Sean successfully lead the development of new SaaS products including mobile device apps and sites. He also lead the development and launch of a new innovative e-commerce website that significantly doubled revenue from online channels and reduced marketing and product digital development costs by more than 30% using overseas vendors.  He was also a divisional Vice President at ETA/Cuisenaire where he lead product management, marketing, and product development.

Sean started his career in outside sales, which successfully lead him to build powerful revenue producing relationships between sales, marketing, and product management throughout his career.  Sean also held positions at Tribune and McGraw-Hill in product management and marketing before being promoted into key executive positions.  

Sean currently teaches digital marketing at the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, where he instructs MBA students on successful digital strategies that drive growth. In addition, Sean is certified by Google in Search Engine Marketing (AdWords).  He has an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and a Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing from Rutgers University. 


“Sean has a breadth of knowledge and is very professional. It’s definitely a good investment for our company and our team to have someone outside the organization with Sean’s experience look in to show us where we’re missing opportunities. His knowledge on the subject is very in depth. It gave us confidence in where to spend digitally. Everything was on time, and it was a pleasure to work with him.

Mary Ellen Harden, President, Wall Street Greetings

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“What Sean brought to the table was a very strategic perspective, a roll-up-the-sleeves approach, marketing expertise, and specifically, his experience inside software companies. What Sean put together was probably the most detailed, comprehensive look at the competitive landscape that I have seen. He was very quick at learning the business.”

Nedra Sadorf, President, Demco

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