Executive Marketing Positions

  • Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo
  • Vice President, Coca-Cola
  • Vice President, The Pillsbury Company


  • University of Minnesota (Carlson School of Management, recipient of the Pillsbury Fellowship in Marketing for outstanding student)
  • Sorbonne (Diplome d’Etudes Linguistiques Francaises)
  • University of Kansas (BA with honors)


  • Leveraging consumer and customer insights to create growth strategies
  • Utilizing competitive analysis to identify market gaps and to build a sustainable advantage
  • Identifying brand positioning and value proposition that succeeds with targeted buyers
  • Designing an integrated go-to-market program that incorporates a thorough assessment of the organization’s capabilities
  • Determining how to deliver the positioning through product and service offerings
  • Ensuring consistent communication at every customer touch point

How Catherine Can Grow Your Business

  • Providing thought leadership to a cross functional team to bring a broad business perspective to marketing activities.
  • Creating a comprehensive analysis of the category, the company, the competition and potential customers to identify and address growth opportunities.
  • Developing integrated go-to-market strategies and tactics to increase market share.
  • Establishing a routine for management to track performance and value of marketing programs.
  • Training existing marketing staff to become independent in continuing and accelerating growth programs.
  • Working with private equity investors and founders to demonstrate the long term potential of the enterprise.
  • Supporting due diligence of potential acquisition candidates.

Success Stories

  • Developed a strategic branding approach and process for large apparel organization. Process was implemented across the businesses.
  • Conducted a major repositioning for Be The Match(National Marrow Donor Program) including identifying high potential recruits for the bone marrow registry, renaming the organization and developing messaging strategy. Test market showed awareness at double the 10% target and conversion to membership over the 25% goal.
  • Repositioned soft drink fountain business to reflect customer needs and a new competitive environment. New value proposition halted the escalation in discounts while increasing share.
  • Redefined the B2B soft drink customer product and service offering and implemented on-line site for sales organization. This “Coca-Cola Connection” concept was identified for global application.
  • Restructured headquarters marketing at a major beverage company to better meet business objectives and improve organizational alignment. As a result, volume from marketing initiatives increased 55% while expenses declined 23% over two years.
  • Developed soft drinks price and portfolio strategy to improve performance in Brazil’s unique customer and competitive environment. Despite continued declines in Brazil’s economy, profit increased by 13%.
  • Led Business Team Leaders at Fortune 50 food company to a new cohesiveness in a changing corporate structure; coordinated their efforts to provide consistent marketing mentorship, training, evaluation and development.
  • Restaged three mature brands (over $500 million in sales) in declining categories resulting in revenue growth of 15% and profit improvement of 35%. “Breakout” strategy was later extended to entire division.
  • Directed Pillsbury megabrand positioning encompassing $1 billion of business. Strategy provided guidelines for consumer communications and long-term brand development.

Catherine Brink Biography

Cathy has over 25 years of experience in marketing, general management, strategic planning and new market development in the United States and internationally.  She joins Chief Outsiders after running her own consulting firm for 13 years.  During her previous tenure, Cathy worked across a wide variety of industries including B2B and B2C businesses both small and Fortune 50. 

Cathy worked at The Pillsbury Company as Director of Global Brand Development and Vice President of Marketing/GM.  At the Coca-Cola Company, she had responsibility for Latin America Marketing and was later the Vice President of Marketing for the Fountain Division.  Cathy left Coke to become an Executive Vice President/GM at the Wells Fargo Company.

Throughout her career, Cathy has used brand and consumer insights to reposition mature businesses and introduce new ones.  She has been responsible for leading due diligence on acquisitions and developing joint venture partnerships.  Cathy created and implemented a new retail customer positioning and business model at Coke, addressing the needs of over 6,000 clients across channels including quick service restaurants, mass merchandisers and convenience stores. 

As a consultant, Cathy worked with companies with several billion in revenue as well as start-ups and small enterprises with sales below $5 million.  In every case the objective was the same:  Increase profitable growth by understanding and leveraging consumer and customer insight to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Cathy studied for her MBA at the University of Minnesota where she received The Pillsbury Fellowship in Marketing.  She holds a Diplome d’Etudes Linguistics Francaises from the Sorbonne in Paris and a BA in French (with honors) from the University of Kansas.  She is based in Atlanta.