Executive Marketing Positions

  • Chief Marketing Officer, Clark Hill PLC
  • Chief Marketing Officer, Modern Engineering
  • Managing Partner /Founder, IMPACT3
  • Chief Operating Officer /Owner, I*Logic
  • National Sales Manager, Mandelli Inc.


  • MBA, Marketing and Finance, University of Detroit
  • BS, Industrial Engineering, The Ohio State University


  • Increase revenues by developing and implementing a strategic marketing plan, aligning stakeholders and executing sustainable go-to-market strategies
  • Align sales, business development and marketing to reduce sales cycle and increase wins
  • Marketing, brand strategy and integration for mergers and acquisitions
  • Enhance the client experience by leveraging technology and thought leadership through differentiation
  • Develop corporate responsibility initiatives to attract and retain talent
  • Experience in professional services, legal, manufacturing, supply chain, web development, software development, project management, SaaS, leadership alignment, impact investing

How Don Can Grow Your Business

  • Developing growth and market strategies to maximize opportunities
  • Ignite growth and accountability by developing a one-page strategic roadmap to align an organization
  • Providing marketing, sales and operational expertise, utilizing his C-Suite experience
  • Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to execute initiatives
  • Rebranding, repositioning and messaging that resonates with target markets
  • Leveraging technologies to increase revenue, differentiate a brand and enhance client experience
  • Assessing organizational effectiveness and guiding restructuring
  • Establish strategic alliances and partnerships to increase market presence and penetration
  • Leading teams to a success by utilizing the strengths of the individuals and driving to a common purpose

Success Stories

  • Developed and executed a strategic plan that increased revenues by $100M creating record profits and differentiating Clark Hill in the market place moving the firm into the AMLaw 200
  • Led a startup engineering services company to $100M in revenues that integrated program management, manufacturing engineering, electronic design, packaging engineering, procurement and supply chain services into one total solution utilizing technology and professionals
  • Created and operate a social impact fund that raised $2M in three months investing in businesses in under resourced communities creating 46 jobs
  • Built a marketing team that is 20% more efficient than the industry average utilizing processes, metrics and technology
  • Doubled revenue of legacy professionals over 5 years by $25M by developing marketing and business development strategies. Also, executed B2B, B2C and H2H campaigns utilizing digital, social and traditional marketing driving 30% organic growth.
  • Gamified community giving engaging over 50% of the total workforce along with family and friends
  • Led the sales, marketing, and training of 3 national machine tool distributors of highly technical niche oriented imported Japanese machine tools increasing sales by 400% over 1 year

Don Lee Biography

Don Lee has been a C-Level executive for over 20 years having a track record of guiding businesses, brands and people towards success. Don enjoys helping CEO’s execute their strategic plan by developing and implementing a marketing strategy that is aligned with the organization. His strength is taking ideas from concept to completion focusing on growing profitable revenue and sustainable outcomes.

By developing strategic plans, collaborative stakeholder alliances and integrated systems, Don has been able to deliver high-impact solutions by utilizing his engineering, operations, marketing and business development experience to lead teams to success. Leading people, embracing technology and developing efficient processes has allowed Don to drive change and success into organizations.

Most recently Don was the Chief Marketing Officer at Clark Hill. His team developed and executed the firm’s strategic plan differentiating Clark Hill in the marketplace, increasing revenue, driving profits and building a lean sustainable organization. Since 2004, the firm increased revenues by $100M while creating record profits moving the firm into the AMLaw 200 ranking. In 2013, the firm was recognized by the National Law Journal as the #1 law firm to have grown by percentage of lawyers. In 2015, Consulting Firm BTI recognized Clark Hill as a top 100 firm providing outstanding client service along with being a very innovative and high velocity brand in the legal industry. Don built a marketing department that was 20% more efficient than the industry average utilizing processes, metrics and technology executing B2B, B2C and H2H campaigns utilizing digital, social, public relations, traditional marketing and business development driving 30% organic growth.

While Don was Chief Marketing Officer at Clark Hill, he also managed a $8.5M business unit where he was responsible for the operations, strategic planning, business development, recruiting and retention of the team. In one year, he led and executed a business plan that has stabilized revenue and increased profitability and realization by 5%.

Prior to that role, Don was the Chief Marketing Officer at Modern Engineering where he led the executive team in developing a corporate vision, values, strategic objectives and goals that was the compass for achieving 30% revenue growth each year while Don was the CMO. Creating a corporate image, product portfolio, web site, standard presentations and case studies allowed Modern Engineering to attract investors to fuel its growth and eventually being sold to an international services company. Don also led the Supply Chain Engineering Division by which revenues grew over 100% and continued to consult each division on how to bundle products and services to achieve profitable growth through a differentiated product offering.

Before Don started taking on the role of Chief Marketing Officer he led the operations as Chief Operating Officer of a start-up supply engineering company I*Logic. Don developed I*Logic into a processed oriented web-based engineering company that integrated program management, manufacturing engineering, electronic design, packaging engineering, procurement and supply chain services into one total solution. The I*Logic team under Don’s leadership doubled sales revenue over 5 years, decreased indirect costs, and achieved positive net operating income each year while obtaining ISO certification. The company successfully managed over 40 programs, $260M in transaction revenue, and $600M in budgets in the five years Don was at the helm. In 2001, I*Logic was awarded the Gold Penta-Star for outstanding supplier by DaimlerChrysler. To get this done, the I*Logic team created, developed, and launched three B2B SaaS supply chain web tools to help manage their business and differentiate themselves from their competition which are still used today. Don led the company in developing its core ideology, strategic direction and yearly objectives along with personally leading all associates through a weekly leadership-training program.

Don started his career at Frito Lay as a manufacturing engineer being promoted to Production Manager of the Detroit plant before leaving for opportunities in technical sales and business development.  He worked in the machine tool and automotive industries during this time having the titles as Sales Representative, National Sales Manager and VP of Business Development before taking the I*Logic position.

Don holds a MBA in Marketing and Finance from The University of Detroit and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from The Ohio State University.  Don is an avid cyclist, outdoorsman, and golfer. Don sits on multiple boards and is the Managing Partner of a social enterprise fund IMPACT3. He is also active in volunteer work at his church, leading mission trips and a youth group.


Don is a valued advisor for my business, Artesian Farms. For the past year has assisted in identifying ways to improve employee efficiency and implemented process improvements that increased product yields and improved profitability. 

Jeff Adams, CEO, Artesian Farms


Don Lee is a visionary when it comes to what it takes to be successful in business...and life. He is strategic and forward thinking in everything he does, oftentimes finding the solution before a problem or issue even exists. I have worked closely with Don over the past four years and have learned a great deal from him.

Joe Bauman, President, Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber


Don Lee is a professional strategist. He's a role model for devising plans and sticking to them. He knows how to assemble a team and deploy team members for maximum business results.

Matt Friedman, CEO, Tanner Friedman