Executive Marketing Positions

  • General Manager and Mineset, Inc. President, SGI
  • VP of Marketing, Alacritech
  • VP of Marketing, Intransa
  • VP of Switch Products, McDATA
  • General Manager, Brocade Communications
  • Senior Director of Sales and Marketing, Exabyte
  • Director of Product Marketing, Tektronix
  • Director of Americas and Asia Pacific Sales and Marketing, Tektronix


  • B.S. in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting, Portland State University
  • M.B.A., University of Portland


  • Product Management
  • Product Launches
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Testing Business Model Fit
  • Customer Development Processes
  • Competitive Analysis and Product Positioning
  • Turnarounds and Crisis Management
  • Strategic Planning and Execution Plans
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment and Training
  • Agile Product Development
  • Financial Analysis of Business Model Choices
  • Fundraising Efforts including VC Expertise
  • Marketing Automation and Content Development
  • Leadership, Training, and Mentorship of Marketing Teams

How Doug Can Grow Your Business

  • Communicating what your firm does, the problems you solve, and how you are different than competitors in simple terms
  • Prioritizing segment focus
  • Building strategic plans with crisp execution goals and accountabilities
  • Defining the Customer Discovery process in order to bring innovative products to market
  • Creating credible and impactful case study process
  • Driving market led product development
  • Identifying the right route-to-market mix based on data
  • Selecting the right go-to-market partners
  • Pinpointing and removing inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the sales process
  • Aligning Sales and Marketing through a common playbook and clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Ensuring product launch readiness
  • Crafting the story around your vision
  • Shaping content creation to feed marketing automation systems

Success Stories

  • Initiated a strategic data-driven pivot when leading Mineset, Inc. that created the path to a successful exit; with ESI acquiring the company in January 2016
  • Restructured SGI’s storage business, refocusing the team on the most strategic products, markets, and partnerships; transforming the unit into one of SGI’s most profitable business segments
  • Closely collaborated with Alacritech CEO in transforming the company; taking it from being a supplier of server component products to a supplier of system level solutions resulting in significantly higher ASPs, total revenue and gross margins
  • Led the targeting and negotiating IP licensing opportunities at Alacritech; contributing over $15 million dollars to the bottom line
  • At McData (Acquired by Brocade) brought to market the Spherion line of fabric switches that revolutionized the industry; delivering the first scale-on-demand architecture and taking total switch revenue from approximately $30 million to over $100 million in 12 months
  • Led corporate Strategic Planning process for SGI; successfully integrating multiple business units and operating functions to build a credible plan
  • Successfully drove cross-divisional content and themes for the NAB tradeshow at Tektronix and orchestrated sales training prior to event to maximize effectiveness; with 30% of year’s business linked to NAB events
  • Drove Marketo marketing automation installation at Alacritech and defined and delivered content to support sales process; 50% of the revenue traced to marketing generated leads
  • Elected to SNIA IP Storage Forum Board of Directors; filling role of industry spokesperson and evangelist for iSCSI storage at numerous events

Doug Rainbolt Biography

Doug is a Marketing Executive and Trusted Advisor to CEOs- known for his Product Management, Product Marketing and Strategic Planning abilities, as well as his creative skills and versatility in helping grow businesses in the Storage, Server, SaaS, and Networking industries. He is well versed in both startup and mature, large enterprises, and has proven ability in guiding companies to scale.

Prior to joining Chief Outsiders, Doug served as President of SGI’s Mineset subsidiary. Mineset delivered powerful yet easy to use predictive data analytics software designed for non-technical users and delivered through a SaaS model.  Mineset experienced a successful exit in January 2016, being sold to French virtual design software company, ESI. Doug also served as Chief-of-Staff to SGI CEO, Jorge Titinger, chairing executive staff meetings, quarterly business reviews, and driving the corporate strategic planning process.  Doug led the restructuring of SGI’s storage business unit, transforming it into one of SGI’s most profitable segments. He left SGI after the successful exit of Mineset.

Doug served as the VP of Marketing for Alacritech between 2006 and 2013, just prior to joining SGI. Alacritech, long acknowledged as the leader in Dynamic TCP Offload with over 47 patents, and a number of strategic technology partners, including Microsoft. Through Doug’s marketing leadership and close collaboration with the CEO, Alacritech transformed itself from being a component supplier, selling powerful NICs (Network Interface Cards), to becoming a systems vendor, introducing a successful line of NFS acceleration appliances that took advantage of Alacritech’s core networking technology.  The appliances were sold to large-scale enterprises concerned with reducing the significant burden (capital, power, space, cooling) placed on large NAS infrastructures.  

Just prior to joining Alacritech, Doug served as the VP of Marketing for Intransa, an early state storage company focused on iSCSI solutions. He was very active in the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), filling a role on the iSCSI Storage Forum Board of Directors. In this role, he spoke as an industry ambassador at a number industry events evangelizing the use of IP networks and iSCSI, authored a number of works, including published articles, espousing the benefits of iSCSI, and led the Hands-On-Lab content development, an exercise that brought in hundreds of potential users to a multi-vendor lab designed to prove the ease and power of using iSCSI. In addition to his outbound work, Doug drove the team to demonstrate the industry’s first 10GbE solution (benefit being giving more users accessed to shared storage at less cost), closed on a strategic OEM relationship with a partner to round out the lower end of the offering, and helped negotiate licensing with large Chinese manufacturer interested in Intransa’s technology.

Following a stint in Europe and proceeding Intransa, Doug worked for Brocade filling a couple of leadership roles. First, he filled the role of Vice President of Switch Products for McDATA (now Brocade). In this role, he led an entrepreneurial team, including product management focused on disrupting the Fabric Switch Market.  Doug and his team introduced the highly successful Spherion product line and grew fabric switch revenues to north of $100 million from less than $30 million. His second GM role with Brocade, which was heavily centered on business strategy, product management, and cementing go-to-market collaboration with the OEM partners was leadership for the company’s $600 million Transport Business. Brocade was the first major vendor to come out with 4Gb bandwidth products and solidify adoption with OEM partners for these products. In addition, Brocade made tremendous inroads into new markets; most notably create switch extensions for newly emerging blade server products.  As this was an OEM centric go-to-market model, Doug and his team spent extensive time with the OEMs lobbying for support, collaborating on design releases, and building joint marketing plans.

Before joining Brocade, Doug spent several years in the Netherlands working for Exabyte. Doug provided Sales and Marketing leadership for all of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. His team led the world in tape automation product revenues, maintaining strategic relationships with Siemens and Bull. Exabyte provided Doug with some great opportunities. In addition to working in a remote geography and coming to appreciate the challenges of doing business across numerous cultures, he was asked to restructure operations in Europe. He chose to decentralize to a large extent, giving more freedom to local regional directors to make decisions while at the same time creating more collaboration in both planning European strategy and a more unified voice when expressing inputs to headquarters. 

Doug started his career in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, working for Tektronix. He spent the first part of his career in financial roles, starting as an Accountant and finishing as a Financial Planning and Analysis Manager. Doug relocated to Seattle where he spent two years in a strategic sales role where he earned the Tektronix Sales Masters designation (roughly top 10% of performers) for his achievement and returned to Oregon to fill role in Strategic Programs (included managing Tektronix’ Leasing Business and managing strategic procurement transactions/relationships with key ISVs), followed by a Director role leading sales and marketing for Asia Pacific/Americas for the Network Displays Division. His last role with Tektronix was Director of Product Marketing where he had responsibility for Tektronix’ Video and Networking Division products, inclusive of the renowned Grass Valley Brand. 

When Doug isn’t working, he can often be found on his bike (where he’s often thinking about work) and has competed in number of triathlons and distance biking events throughout Europe and the U.S. He’s also an accomplished Home Brewer who calls Portland home.