Executive Marketing Positions

  • CMO, North America, Regus Office Space Solutions
  • Global Lead Digital Marketing, Regus Office Space Solutions
  • CMO, CheapCaribbean.com
  • Global Director Product Innovation, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
  • Global Director Advertising & Brand Strategy, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
  • VP Business Strategy, New Products & Services, Educate Inc.
  • VP Marketing, Wickes Home Furnishings


  • MBA, Cox School of Business, SMU / Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
  • Adjunct Professor Graduate Marketing, Dominican University, Chicago   1994-1997


  • Proven insightful leader for B2C and B2B Industries
  • Adept in guiding strategies for clients in Retail, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Professional Services, Travel, Automotive, Real Estate, Education, Partnership Marketing, Licensing, Diversity Marketing, Retention Programs, and Sponsorships
  • Expert “Growth Hacker” - generates immediate and long term growth strategies by analyzing underperforming channels and creation of new opportunities.
  • Highly proficient in Web Site and Mobile Optimization to improve conversion and capture more prospective customers through often inexpensive adjustments to design or infrastructure.
  • Define and deliver innovative new products and services that win in the marketplace, beating competition and igniting growth.
  • Digital Marketing leader for top tier companies, significantly improving sales and ROI generated from Paid Search, Organic Search, Display Retargeting and e-Mail.
  • Uncovered data driven customer insights pushing the bounds of what is expected or overlooked in key areas: Target Audience, Products, Distribution, Competitive Positioning, Brand Strategy, Sales Enablement and Customer Retention.

How Jeanne Can Grow Your Business

Growth in many enterprises today is often inhibited by failure to execute the company's vision and strategic plan. Jeanne has demonstrated success in turn around and stalled growth companies through excellence in five strategic platforms:

  • Generates analytically driven short and long term product innovation plans that make financial and strategic sense.
  • Creates a Demand Generation Engine by affordably elevating digital presence, using new technology to increase leads and conversion.
  • Delivers marketing cost savings and higher ROI by institutionalizing a results orientation.
  • Analyzes customer response to current messaging, provides new insights, improves brand positioning and communications.
  • Teaches analytical skills and best practices to in-house marketing teams for sustained revenue and ROI improvement.

Success Stories

  • Built and executed a go-to-market strategy for an application infrastructure SaaS based Tech start-up. Developed target segmentation, brand positioning, marketing automation strategy, and SEO lead gen capability.
  • Doubled the size of a travel ecommerce web site from $250m to $550m, with a 60 percent improvement in profit, creating the fastest growing online travel company in the U.S. Efforts resulted in the successful sale of the company to Bain Capital in 2013.
  • Conceptualized and launched the 5 most successful products in an organization’s 120 year history, saving a $19 billion global company from bankruptcy.
  • Drove a dramatic 20 percent revenue increase for a $2 billion global workspace provider, through overhaul of digital advertising and web site optimization.
  • Created and launched a new children’ shoe line. Now in its 18th year, the brand generates more than $100m in annual revenue.
  • Drove 40 percent increase in sales activation by targeting CEO’s and CFO’s from SMB and F500 accounts. Developed CRM strategy, cleaned database, analyzed segmentation data, and created integrated campaigns that included white papers, video content and custom landing pages.
  • Created first strategic plan for a $450m education company. Revealed foundational business issues that provided opportunity for geographic expansion and stronger online tutoring products.
  • Created leading premium priced brand of tires, now over a $1 billion brand. Applied customer insights and marketing strategy to engineering concepts, resulting in a long term product roadmap that was followed by the company for 7 years.

Jeanne Sherman Biography

Jeanne is a high energy leading business strategist with 25 years’ experience, having assisted brands from $50m to $20b in revenue, across 15 different product and service categories. Her diversity of experience, action orientation and straight forward, get-it-done attitude has made her a go-to executive for CEO’s interested in growth and innovation.

After over a decade of top tier management experience in the consumer packaged goods sector with Frito-Lay, Campbell Soup Company and Kraft Foods, Jeanne leveraged her experience in small to midsize companies that had never hired a marketing strategist.

Jeanne thrived in these environments, able to quickly identify untapped sources of opportunity, developing strategic plans with analytically driven, solid growth initiatives.

Jeanne’s reputation as a consumer strategist capable of breaking new ground, is best illustrated during her tenure with the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. As Global Director of New Product Innovation, Jeanne conceptualized and launched the 5 most successful products in Goodyear’s 120 year history, saving the company from bankruptcy in 2003.

By 2010, tremendous change was rocking the marketing industry, fueled by e-commerce, Google, and digital automation. To remain a marketing leader, Jeanne made a career change to add “digital expert” to her CMO resume.

As CMO of CheapCaribbean.com, a $250m online travel company, Jeanne was responsible for marketing, advertising, analytics, revenue management, user experience, web design and operations. She sourced tech software to enable great customer experiences and easy-to-book transactions. CheapCaribbean.com doubled in size enabling a successful sale to Bain Capital.

For the past two years Jeanne has served the dual role of CMO North America and led Global Digital optimization efforts for Regus, a $3 billion office space provider.

Accepting challenges, known for doing more than what is expected with excellence, Jeanne embraces change-confident that all challenges have a solution.


CEO Eric Davidoffsky provided a “9” performance rating for CMO Jeanne Sherman and Managing Partner Clay Spitz, stating that Jeanne was “helpful, responsive to their needs, and added value to the business starting on day one of the engagement."

Eric Davidoffsky
CEO, Church - Starke HVAC & Home Services
Houston, Dallas, and Austin, Texas


CEO David Schnurman of Lawline LLC gave Jeanne a “9” Customer Satisfaction rating and also endorsed his fractional CMO engagement in The Young Entrepreneur Council article published by Smallbiztrends.com. “Working with an outside expert allows you to dive deep into a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis with an unbiased viewpoint. In addition, she will ask you the right questions to guide you to what is urgent versus the long-term opportunities. While this slows down the process at first and could be expensive, in the long run, it will speed things up and make you more money.”

David Schnurman
CEO, Lawline


Jeanne was a highly valued member of my executive leadership team providing insight and guidance across the business.

She is a top tier marketer with very strong digital, CRM and analytical expertise that drove over 20% increases in demand generation for the company.   She knows how to get results, ignite growth, while improving spend efficiency.   Her success record in building large and small enterprises is second to none.

Steve Farley

CEO, Regus North America


Jeanne was the first and only CMO we ever hired.

In a two year period, sales doubled and cost per transaction was cut in half. She opened digital marketing channels and built a new web site in 6 months that improved conversion while also increasing traffic. Jeanne is a highly effective executive, adept at outlining a sound strategy and comfortable presenting plans and strategies to the Board. Due to her efforts, we successfully sold the company to Bain Capital in 2013.

Jim Hobbs

Founder, CheapCaribbean.com


Start-up Client, Pete Shepler rated Jeanne a “9” in performance and customer satisfaction due to her “deep Marketing knowledge” and “ability to deliver a process to target the correct prospects and significantly refine their message for sales success.”

Pete Shepler

VP Business Development, Camber Ridge LLC


Jeanne is an exceptional multi-channel marketer. She is extremely knowledgeable, articulate and doesn’t hesitate to challenge the status quo in order to improve the business. She manages to do all of this with a sense of fun and perspective.

Rob Strachan

VP Global Marketing, Regus UK