Executive Marketing Positions

  • Managing Director-Europe and Chief Product Officer, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services
  • Chief Marketing Officer, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services
  • SVP and General Manger, Interactive Commerce Group, US Bank
  • VP Electronic Commerce and VP Business Development, Deluxe Corporation
  • VP Marketing and Sales, Persoft Corporation
  • VP Marketing and Sales, R-Scan Corporation
  • VP Marketing and Sales, Open Systems, Inc.


  • Kellogg Executive Development Program-Northwestern Univ., Evanston, IL
  • MS and BA, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • University of Bologna, Italy (Year Abroad)


  • Growth Strategies: Organic and Multi-Year Horizon Planning
  • Positioning: Distinctive Competencies, Value Propositions, Communication Hierarchies 
  • Marketing, Product/Service, and Business Transformation Strategies
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment & Effective Lead Gen Programs
  • Digital Strategies and Plans: Marketing and Technology
  • International Business Expansion
  • New Product and Service Launches and Product Portfolio Management
  • Mobile Strategies and Planning
  • Private Equity: Business Development and Interim Leadership Support for Portfolio Companies
  • High Integration with Client Teams: Analytical Decision-Making Paired with Collaborative Style

How Mark Can Grow Your Business

Accelerated Growth: Require new products, services, channels, or target markets to achieve desired revenue and profit growth, in addition to improving organic growth rates.  Analytical approach to opportunity scoring and prioritization when you need new revenue and profit streams.

Marketing Effectiveness and Efficiency: Marketing group must contribute/enhance needed leadership to help develop key market insights and effective go-to-market programs.  Ensure contribution value desired is higher than the value being delivered today.  Improve marketing programs with metrics and more effective demand generation programs.

Sales and Marketing Alignment: Sales and Marketing are not aligned or performing seamlessly to deliver enough qualified leads and conversions.  Performance of go-to-market programs and spend is unclear.

Digital Marketing and Technology-Enabled Growth: Organizations must create new forms of value to grow profitably. Apply digital marketing and digital technology to create new revenue and profit opportunities or to form the foundation for new business models.

M&A and Integration: Getting the right deal done at the right price is just the start.  Integrating acquisitions to harness the full value of the deal is a challenge, and often requires expertise and program management from outside the business.

Private Equity: Individual attention to portfolio companies as well as shared processes and tools, mentoring, coaching, and interim leadership.

Cross-Industry Best Practices: Hands-on experience in manufacturing, industrial, business and financial services, high tech, healthcare, distribution.  Best practices applied from many sources and industries.

Representative Success Stories

Business Development: Conceptualized and launched PowerTrack®, the leading global B2B electronic payment solution and information services network (now called US Bank Freight Payment Systems). Signed $1B annual contract with Defense Logistics Agency in 2nd year of operation and grew the business to $6.5B in transactions processed in four years. (US Bank)

Strategy Definition: Assisted businesses in manufacturing, financial and business services, healthcare, high tech, consumer goods, food, and wholesale/distribution with the development of strategic plans which include a healthy dose of customer and market insights, positioning/value proposition, competitive analysis, options analysis of different scenarios and profit pools, and detailed operating plans.

Branding and Positioning: Re-branded major corporation and rationalized 80+ products and brands into 10 families. Introduced new value proposition and achieved 70% brand recognition in 10 months and 4 billion annual brand views in 3 years. (Wolters Kluwer)

Integrated Marketing: Re-branded $400mm business and executive sponsor for $3.5B corporate rebrand and value proposition redefinition by introducing digital marketing and improving traditional marketing programs. (Wolters Kluwer)

Product Portfolio Management: Multiple successes turning lines of business from low/no-growth into growing, profitable businesses. (Wolters Kluwer, Persoft)

New Products: Conceptualized, built, and operated two online print services and the leading PC-based financial accounting software solution. (Deluxe Corp, Open Systems)

ECommerce: Led two F-500 businesses onto the Internet as the first VP of eCommerce for both US Bank and Deluxe Corporation. These first initiatives were not simple websites, but fully-functioning eBusinesses.

International Expansion: Led global expansion of regulatory risk/compliance business from $0 to $60mm in four years through organic growth and M&A. (Wolters Kluwer)

Mark Coronna Biography 

Mark is an expert at accelerating revenues and profits using marketing, business development and digital expertise.

Coronna’s career started in Sales, where he closed 49 of 50 global software sales opportunities in 18 months, causing the business (Open Systems, Inc.) to quickly develop next generation products. These experiences would take him into ecommerce and eventually position him as one of the first eCommerce industry executives.

Sales led directly into a Director of Marketing role, which Coronna thought would allow his creative energies to emerge. With his leadership contributions, this business (a PC-based software company), grew 100% annually for six consecutive years. This business experience shaped Coronna’s perceptions of growth, as he thought that should be the norm for every business!  He also adopted the entrepreneurial spirit and approach, which are always at the forefront of his approach.

Moving to a Fortune 200 service business, Coronna was able to combine his passion for and expertise in marketing and business development with a CIO role.  While running an internal business incubator, Coronna used his technology responsibilities to bring this business onto the Internet, the first of his eCommerce roles.

US Bank recruited Coronna to manage the Marketing, Product, and Operational Groups for US Bank’s payment division.  He designed, built, and delivered a new Internet-based payment network service for the bank, and secured a $1B sole-source contract with the Defense Logistics Agency in the second year of operation.

The next major career step for Coronna was a major opportunity at Wolters Kluwer Financial Service, which was an underperforming financial compliance and risk management business.  As CMO, Coronna lead organic and M&A activities, doubling the business’ revenue during his tenure.  He also took that business into the European market, growing it from $0 to $60M in just four years.

As an experienced executive, Coronna believes in the importance of sharing his expertise with non-profit organizations. He has participated as an active member of church and school boards.  He has led land- use planning in his local community, and was recently awarded an “outstanding citizen” award. He is a board member of Red Wing Ignite, a regional business accelerator.  He also serves as a part-time pastor of a small church in Stockholm, WI.

Coronna’s passion for growth extends beyond the world of business. He operates a small cold-hardy vineyard and enjoys getting his hands dirty.

If you summarized Coronna’s expertise, you might say Coronna is a globally experienced executive with consistent growth, turnaround, and repositioning results across multiple industries and business sizes.  He is known for accelerating business growth through deep knowledge of marketing, business development, and digital technology management.  He has developed innovative products and services and uses digital technology to transform operations.  Coronna is a serial-innovator who has produced numerous new products and services; and he is skilled in building, growing, and revitalizing organizations.

As Coronna’s long-time business associates and friends say, “Mark just likes to grow things!” 

Client Testimonials

Arnold Angeloni, CEO and Board Member: "Mark is an expert at helping organizations grow. I have seen him lead successful growth initiatives at a number of companies where I serve as a director as well as in other organizations from early-stage to Fortune 500 size companies. He leverages his career experiences in sales, marketing, business development, technology, and operations to the benefit of his clients. He uses a very disciplined methodology and combines this with a creative approach to help clients identify opportunities out of their normal field of view. All growth initiatives are carefully monitored to ensure they are meeting established milestones that will drive revenue and profit. Mark has a strong record of identifying and implementing growth strategies, helping employees to be more successful, and increasing shareholder value."

Jill Hesselroth, CEO, Intek Plastics: ”Mark has done an excellent job supporting me as CEO and our VP Sales and Marketing as we work to improve our strategy and strategic plan in horizon growth planning, value proposition, brand auditing, etc. Mark has a wealth of experience that he brings to our organization through his consulting. I would highly recommend Mark and Chief Outsiders to anyone needing this expertise!”

Brian McLaughlin, President, PeopleNet: “Mark is insightful, strategic, technically strong and of high integrity. We recently engaged him to work with us on a long-range planning process and he exceeded our expectations. He was very thorough on the preparation discussions, brought us a disciplined innovation process, and was able to moderate our sessions with both personal experience and strength to navigate through the sometimes "murky" world of future strategy.”

Murad Velani, COO, Jostens: “Mark has a deep and broad strategic mindset that enables him to develop an innovative idea and drive it to profitable execution in record time. He has a serial record for creating high performing organizations. Mark has a track record for generating wealth for his investors, shareholders, employees, partners and community. Everyone wins in the ecosystem when Mark is engaged. His integrity is unyielding and his passion to improve everyone and everything around him is contagious.”

Vicki Leinbach, CIO, The Ariens Company: “We engaged Mark to help us turnaround our online business. He brought a strong voice-of-customer orientation to the process which was lacking previously. Mark developed a model which analyzed five strategic options, then helped us understand which would fit the business best. The comprehensive plan he produced was accepted by our corporate board and fully funded, and they commented that the plan "knocked it out of the park." Mark's deep knowledge of marketing, technology, and eCommerce came together in a unique way to help us accelerate our businesses.”

Tony Belden, CEO, Engineering America: “Mark is the consummate professional and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his consulting engagements. Through his vast successful past projects he has carved out a unique solution to assist companies in large strategic undertakings in a fraction of the time it would take without his assistance.  One person said it best when he said, ‘Throw Mark into a room with a bunch of people with chaos and he will talk to each and every one of them and then deliver an output report which sorts everything out and gets people on track.’ I could not agree more.”