Executive Marketing Positions

  • BoD Matrium Technologies PTY Ltd.
  • VP Strategy & Development, Matrium Technologies PTY Ltd.
  • CMO and CSO Hubble Team at insightsoftware.com
  • VP Enterprise Solutions, Spirent Communications PLC
  • VP Global Services, Spirent Communications PLC
  • CEO Tolly Research
  • COO The Tolly Group


  • BM, Hartt College of Music, University of Hartford


  • Implementing digital marketing – inbound/outbound, demand & lead generation, social media, business development, sales enablement and marketing automation
  • Executing thought leadership programs, customer marketing, and influencer marketing to amplify brand awareness
  • Aligning product, service, market and sales
  • Scaling early-stage startups and re-invigorating/re-positioning tech companies for growth
  • Rationalizing and reinventing business models, products, services, and new market entry
  • Developing and implementing efficient and effective lead generation and funnel management processes to achieve optimal MQL/SAL/SQL conversion ratios
  • Conducting M&A due diligence and integrating acquisitions
  • Particular expertise in the Enterprise Software and Telecom markets – hardware, software, SaaS, cloud, and pure-play services companies

How Neil Can Grow Your Business

  • Developing business and market strategies to accelerate growth
  • Identifying slow growth root cause – developing and implementing comprehensive and integrated marketing strategies to accelerate growth
  • Accelerating services revenue in product companies
  • Defining value proposition to ensure competitive differentiation and alignment with your target markets
  • Building communities of thought leaders and industry influencers to amplify brand awareness and further penetrate markets
  • Establishing and implementing customer retention/loyalty programs and NPS to realize full upsell potential
  • Enhancing organizational capabilities through staff development and process alignment
  • Conducting strategy/planning workshops and coaching CEO and management team

Success Stories

  • ‪ Rebranded insightsoftware.com company brand to Hubble® product portfolio brand – new solution positioning, messaging, look and feel
  • Transformed Hubble® marketing from traditional outbound to a modern digital marketing inbound content marketing function
  • Implemented HubSpot marketing automation software and buyer’s journey methodology
  • Established “content factory” and created Hubbleology thought leadership content platform
  • Spirent Communications, PLC – as member of senior team grew single digit profit levels to $30M, $60M, and $90M in three years
  • Raised percentage of Spirent’s service revenue in each new deal – followed by a system to drive annual renewal contract annuities – resulting in bookings growth of $75m in 2008 to $118m in 2012
  • Established strategic marketing initiatives to create and influence industry alliances, e.g., founded Network Test Automation Forum, Test Automation Alliance, Next Generation Internet Forum, and chaired Marketing Committee of MultiService Forum
  • Scaled The Tolly Group from a two-person consulting business to 40+ person world-renowned testing, analysis, and consulting organization

Neil Anderson Biography

Neil Anderson has a 25-year track record of executive management and marketing success. From early stage startups to mid-sized privately held companies to large publicly traded companies, Neil has built and led teams that have delivered remarkable and measurable business success time and again. 

In each of his business endeavors, it is Neil’s holistic approach to marketing that is key to his success. He believes you can’t work on marketing “piece parts” without designing how those elements work together to form the overall marketing strategy. The business models, the products, value prop, pricing, brand, positioning, competitive differentiation, target markets, messaging, selling, etc. are all interrelated and require thorough understanding in order to build an effective marketing plan. 

In a recent stint with insightsoftware.com, a privately held Denver-based enterprise software company, Neil was recruited to bring marketing to a whole new level. He conducted an analysis of the customers, the competitors, the company and all aspects of the product portfolio. He then partnered closely with the CEO to develop a strategy for repositioning the offerings from three discreet point products to a solutions portfolio purpose-built for the JD Edwards and Oracle ERP market. He developed a strategic plan including a major rebranding initiative from the company/corporate brand to the fresh modern Hubble® product brand. He restructured the existing marketing organization and hired new talent to fill key gaps forming a high performance modern marketing team. He transformed marketing from 100% outbound to a balanced inbound/outbound operation. This included all aspects of digital marketing, the creation of a content engine, a branded online platform to become a hub for the distribution of thought leadership content, an analyst and industry influencer program resulting in the placement of the product in the Gartner Magic Quadrant as well as go-to-market, business development and sales enablement programs. The result was a significant increase in lead generation, lead conversion ratios and bookings growth. 

For several years prior, he served as Vice President Global Services at Spirent Communications PLC, a test equipment manufacturer publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange. Neil was a member of the senior team leading improvements in corporate performance and profitability through restructuring, organizational redesign, top-grading, incentive plans to motivate attainment of corporate objectives, and transition of key functions to new organizational model – moving single digit profit levels to $30M, $60M, and $90M in three years.

Anderson architected systems to raise the percentage of Spirent’s service revenue attached to product sales at point of sale – then implementing a system to drive annual renewal contract annuities – resulting in service bookings growth of $75m in 2008 to $118m in 2012. 

He pioneered “market making” at Spirent – implementing strategic marketing initiatives to create and influence industry alliances, e.g., founded NTAF (Network Test Automation Forum), TAA (Test Automation Alliance), NGIForum (Next Generation Internet Forum), and chaired Marketing Committee of MSF (MultiService Forum).

Prior to Spirent, as Chief Operating Officer, Neil led all sales, marketing and business development functions scaling The Tolly Group from a two-person consulting business to a highly profitable 40+ person world-renowned testing, analysis, and consulting organization. Leveraging that brand, he then spun out Tolly Research, a technology research company based on independent testing and served as Chief Executive Officer.

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