Executive Marketing Positions

  • CEO, Boundary Medical
  • Senior Business Development Officer (Healthcare), Capella Education Company
  • VP, Industry Solutions, Software AG
  • EVP, Marketing and Sales, Kryterion
  • SVP, Marketing and Sales, Allen Interactions
  • Vice President, Corporate and Professional Business Unit, Sylvan Prometric
  • Vice President Worldwide Sales, Drake Prometric
  • Vice President, Sales and Marketing, InfoSpan


  • MBA, The College of William and Mary
  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Roanoke College


  • Strategic planner focused on startups, small and mid-sized companies
  • Oversight of the development of new products, services, processes, and systems for B2B and B2B2C
  • Creation of Product positioning, differentiation and messaging
  • Alignment of sales, marketing, product development and operations
  • Driving new products and developing new markets
  • Ensuring customer focused products and organizations
  • Implementation of technology solutions: Complex enterprise, online learning/testing, healthcare, education, professional services, and certification

How Pam Can Grow Your Business

  • Leading strategic planning efforts to ensure market focus, product viability and opportunity for long-term growth
  • Developing and launching successful strategies for new markets and new products
  • Establishing and executing new strategies and tactics to accelerate out of a revenue plateau or decline
  • Integrating marketing and sales efforts to ensure alignment and consistency of messaging and approach
  • Forming and leveraging new strategic partnerships and relationships
  • Expanding the pipeline and average deal size by focusing marketing initiatives and sales efforts on highest probability prospects
  • Determining key competitive differentiators

Success Stories

  • Led a business unit at Sylvan Prometric that grew revenues from $21 million to more than $120 million in under three years
  • Pioneered an innovative new product at Kryterion that received national recognition, resulted in more than $3 million in new revenue per year in the first year and eventually spawned a whole new industry
  • Developed a marketing plan and positioned a medical software startup company for acquisition
  • Developed the business plan and marketing strategy for a new technology solution, became its evangelist and oversaw its successful introduction and adoption by leading higher education institutions like Penn State and Western Governor’s University
  • Transformed the national sales force for an IT product oriented organization to a consultative, C-level solution organization that earned an increase in vertical revenues of more than 100 percent in 12 months’ time

Pam Cabalka Biography

Art and Science appear to be two distinctly grouped disciplines, often regarded as mere polar opposites. Those in the know, however, understand that there are both artful and scientific components to nearly every subject worth mastering.

As with medicine, education, and technology, today’s most lucrative sales and marketing strategies are driven by both data and emotion. The master of his or her craft possesses the ability to align both complimentary aspects into a harmonious combination worth celebrating – and putting into action.

Product positioning, differentiation and messaging expert Pam Cabalka is a strategic planning savant, well-versed in the art and science of integrating a company’s marketing and sales efforts to ensure that messaging and approach are both square and consistent.

Throughout her career, Cabalka has expertly navigated the art and science of a spectrum of industries, from healthcare to education and testing to IT. She’s likely made an impact on the educational career of someone you know, through her roles as Senior Business Development Officer, Healthcare, for higher education leader Capella Education Company. New technologies that help Penn State and Western Governor’s University ensure the security of their testing process are also a part of Cabalka’s legacy of strategic, transformative results.

Most recently, Cabalka dispensed expertise as the president and CEO of Schaper, Inc., a management consulting firm that offers strategic planning, marketing and sales counsel to startups and mid-sized companies.

Whether she’s growing revenues by over 400 percent or pioneering an innovative, new educational product, Cabalka truly is a relentless, results-oriented sales and marketing pioneer who has never settled for the ceiling.

Indeed, heralded by her colleagues as a strong, smart, personable business executive and tenacious negotiator, Cabalka combines a no-nonsense approach to success, which includes paving a trail for her and her clients, if there is not one carved out already.

Cabalka joins Chief Outsiders with a proven ability in establishing and executing new strategies and tactics to power mid-market enterprises out of a revenue plateau or decline, determining key competitive differentiators for her clients, and forming and leveraging new strategic partnerships and relationships to grow business.

Earning her Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Roanoke College and her MBA from The College of William and Mary, Cabalka possesses critical skills for today’s company and brand success, including complex enterprise, online learning and testing, and strategic planning for organizations of all sizes, including startups, small and mid-sized companies.

Cabalka resides in Minneapolis, MN and is a member of Chief Outsiders’ esteemed Midwest Tribe. When she isn’t working, she enjoys golf, cooking, reading, travel, skiing, scuba diving, spectator sports and spending time with close friends and family. She is on the Board of Trustees of Roanoke College, is a Director of the Minnesota Golf Association and is especially excited about being a Marshall at this year’s Ryder Cup!



“Pam is a highly-qualified and successful executive. She possesses an in depth industry knowledge and a no-nonsense, business acumen. She is a tenacious negotiator and is well versed in sales and marketing from the ground up. She is strong, smart and personable. Pam is the type of person to whom you can trust your most important and difficult projects and be assured that if she cannot find a way to make it work - she will create a way.”

Quinn Sutton, Development Economics Progress Group at World Bank Group