Executive Marketing Positions

  • Chief Marketing Officer, BlueYield
  • Chief Marketing Officer, StraighterLine
  • Senior Vice President, Marketing Analysis at Wells Fargo
  • Business Director, Marketing Analysis at CapitalOne
  • Director, Product Marketing and Channel Development at ID Analytics (now LifeLock)

Client Case Studies


  • Bachelor of Science and Engineering in Civil Engineering and Operations Research with a concentration in Engineering Management Systems, Princeton University
  • Leadership Development and Executive Coaching training, CTI; Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation
  • Pragmatic Marketing certified
  • Six Sigma Sponsor certified


  • Customer Segmentation and market analysis for increased effectiveness
  • Go-to-market strategies and implementation management
  • Market and product positioning to increase distinctiveness
  • Early and mid-stage companies seeking growth
  • Marketing dashboards and KPIs, attribution analysis
  • Optimizing marketing spend across channels, ROI, and lifetime value analysis 
  • Strategic growth, marketing plans and execution management

Where Sharon Can Help Your Business

  • Delivering clear and compelling positioning that differentiates you from competitors to win more business
  • Sales enablement programs to increase sales team effectiveness
  • Marketing database and KPI development to drive revenue and accountability
  • Distribution strategy, including key partnerships and marketing through distributors
  • Digital marketing makeovers and strategies (PPC, social, direct mail)
  • Customer survey strategy and development to uncover insights to increase relevance
  • Organizational alignment, including incentive alignment, increasing collaboration and teamwork
  • Definition, implement and management of marketing automation solutions (CRM, CMS, etc.)
  • Creating efficient and effective marketing organizations from existing teams or building them from the ground up

Success Stories

  • Led team that delivered 250% revenue growth and 300% new customer growth for a for-profit, online higher education company
  • Developed and implemented go to market strategy for existing products into three new markets that leveraged distributors and channel partners, resulting in doubling revenue from existing products in 18 months
  • Led implementation of a marketing dashboard and reporting system that resulted in reducing cost of customer acquisition from $1200 to $75 in 18 months, while sustaining 200% growth rate across digital channels
  • Created a direct marketing channel that doubled qualified leads and become the most profitable marketing channel for a B2C finance company
  • Developed new lead generation programs which generated a 50% increase in sales leads and a 20% increase in sales closed year-over-year
  • Launched new analytics technology products into existing markets, providing over $3million in revenue in first year
  • Implemented product investment framework to focus limited software development resources on most impactful features to drive market adoption and insure product/market fit, resulting in faster product launch and increased market adoption 
  • Leveraged professional network to hire and develop high performing B2C and B2B marketing teams for several companies in different industries and locations

Sharon Spooler Biography

Sharon Spooler has over 20 years of experience with B2B and B2C marketing, product management, and analytics in both startups and major corporations. As a results-oriented marketing leader, Spooler has provided significant value for companies by balancing high growth with scalability to deliver successful growth strategies. Her approach to marketing marries strategy with customer and market analysis and leads to efficient implementation of marketing programs. Chief Outsiders labels this approach as the Growth Gears, which include 1) developing customer and market insights, 2) driving marketing strategies that align with customer and market insights, and 3) leveraging technology to implement marketing programs efficiently, with scale in mind, and so they can provide the learning necessary to provide additional insights. By following this approach, Spooler has transformed the approach to marketing for companies of all sizes. 

Spooler comes to Chief Outsiders from her most recent position as Chief Marketing Officer of BlueYield, where she built the channel marketing and marketing analysis functions from the ground up. This included transforming the prior measurement methodology to factor in the buying process from building awareness to measuring marketing initiatives that were most influential in the buying decision. In addition, she built and scaled a profitable direct mail channel to proactively target and convert potential customers based on the results of robust customer segmentation analysis. She also led the conversion of existing web assets to mobile responsive platforms and started the company’s first PPC and SEO initiatives. As a member of the company's leadership team, Spooler was instrumental in transforming the company's approach to marketing and segmentation analysis to drive more efficient and profitable marketing programs.

Prior to BlueYield, Spooler was Chief Marketing Officer at StraighterLine, a for-profit higher education company. During her tenure, she hired and developed a high performing marketing team that delivered 3x customer and revenue growth in 18 months. Spooler also implemented marketing automation systems, defined attribution analysis logic, and replaced the company’s ecommerce platform.

From 2007 – 2012 Spooler worked in B2B marketing for technology companies ID Analytics and FICO. Both organizations leverage proprietary data to develop risk assessments that are used by financial services, telecommunications and healthcare companies. In those companies, Spooler was responsible for Product Marketing and Product Management, where she focused on developing go to market strategies for new and existing products. In these roles she worked alongside software development and analytics to create and launch high performing fraud and credit solutions for financial services and telecommunications companies. Due to her engineering background, Spooler is an effective communicator between technical and marketing teams, translating market needs into product roadmaps and, in turn, articulating how technology is positioned to meet market needs.

From 1994 – 2006, Spooler worked for small and large banks and financial services companies including Capital One, Wells Fargo, Bank One, and Providian. Spooler honed her understanding of the Growth Gears during this time when she was responsible for building and implementing analytics and business intelligence platforms that enabled data-informed marketing strategies. In these companies Spooler built, implemented, and measured digital marketing programs in the early days of the internet as a channel, developed rich customer segmentation analyses, and crafted marketing plans to maximize the impact of marketing budget.

In addition to analytics, Sharon has a passion for talent management and people development. An effective facilitator and sought-after mentor, Spooler specializes in forming and managing diverse and high performing teams.  She believes in the value of personal and professional development and keeps her marketing and business skills current through on-line and classroom leadership and marketing courses. She is a trained executive and leadership coach and holds an Associate Certified Coach designation with the International Coaching Federation. At various times during her career has worked at the request of venture capital companies as a consultant within their portfolio companies to assess marketing and analysis capabilities. 

Spooler obtained a Bachelor’s of Science and Engineering degree in Civil Engineering and Operations Research with a concentration in Engineering Management Systems from Princeton University where she was a two sport NCAA athlete. During her down time, you can find her taking advantage of southern California weather on the beach volleyball courts. 



“I have worked with Sharon and Chief Outsiders for the past 18 months and I am a huge fan. Sharon has one of the best business minds of anyone I have ever worked with.”

Jason Mulcahy, General Manager, VirTra

Having a peer to bounce things off of isn't common when you're the presidentDiscussing marketing, overall strategy and organization with Sharon has been extremely helpful. She grasped our issues right away and came up with effective strategies, suggestions and solutions.” 

Gretchen Luchsinger, President, Infocast 
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“Sharon is a no-nonsense leader who has the ability to cut through the noise and get at the heart of the business issues at hand. Her intuition and perspective on personalities is a great tool that she uses with skill. I'd love the opportunity to work with Sharon again.” 

Tom Tobin, CEO, ModelShop

"If someone is looking to drive change in their marketing organization, Chief Outsiders can do it."

Josh Garner, CEO, AvantGuard Monitoring Centers